Obnoxious Asshole Telemarketers and a Solution

For weeks, I’ve been hounded by this asshole telemarketing firm somewhere in Cali. They call up and tell me what a great Visa customer I am and that they’d like to send me some rewards. I know damned well it’s a scam of some kind, so I always tell them to fuck off. Usually, I don’t use such language with them, but I’m ready to now because they don’t stop calling, and the number that shows on my caller ID (213/000-0001) is not a real phone number, so I can’t call them back to hound them back.

So I just fixed it. Sort of.

I put “213/000-0001″ into my phone book on my cell phone under the name “Assholes.” Then, I chose “no ringer,” so that when these assholes call again, my phone won’t ring.


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