It’s funny how my trip was bookended with bellyachin’ about KU from Mizzou people. First the driver what carried me to my rental car at KCI, and last, Jessica’s howsemate. Well, whatreyougonnado. I didn’t go to KU, but I’m the child of alumnooze and I like it.

You couldn’t have had a travel more frought with misadventure, starting with the power outage before I left. You try getting your marbles together to travel for a week at 5 a.m. with no power. That’s some fun right there.

My immediate and pressing goal was to spend time in downtown Lawrence, and that is waht I did do a lot of the time there. Started with a Boulevard Pale Ale at Louise’s, matter of fact. Now, that’s a bar. No frills. Just beer, with chilled supersized glasses in the fridge. The thing to do seems to be to gather at Louise’s to watch PTI. Yeah.

Thorsday night I watched the Kansas City Royals beat the Toronto Blue Jays. It was fun. Friday night was spent in Overland Park, near our reunion locale. We sang karaoke. It was fun. My cousin got proposed to in front of everyone. Awww. And I dragged Fourth and Second of Fourth to stage with me to sing. Second chose the song. It was Come Together. He’s becoming a fine young man indeed. Saturday was the reunion itself, and it was fun and joyous. Sunday through Travel Tuesday I spent continuing to careen around in sunny Lawrence. Rock Chalk. Glad to be home, but man, Lawrence Kansas is a wonderland.

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