Today, February 24, 2010, I do hereby reclaim this bloggie space for mine own. We had been experimenting with another host, with another version, with another theme, but drat, change is teh hard. As a long, longtime Dreamhost customer, I missed them. I reckon I will see how this implementation goes and then see about bringing all the rest of the blogs home. We moved of course because Dreamhost was screwing up. We do hope they’ve learned their lesson. We’ll see.

You may notice a new addition to the left, something called “Radio ABP.” I have created a brand new radio station. It is just a shuffle mix I play with, no big whoop. Is fun.

Not up to much. Mine father left town this morning so am hoping he drive teh safe. There’s still snow, but it’s no longer bounding up my chariot. There is so much food at the house that I didn’t dare buy lunch out. I have to eat it; have to eat it all. Nom nom nom. Work: The new template is not working for shite. Sigh.

Maybe I’ll make a pie this weekend. But I want one of these.

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Last sleep’s dream was an “unexpected trip” dream. Of course I showed up to the security line without my carry-on and therefore without any toiletries. For some reason, I was carrying around silverware, which my TSA person, played by Chandra Wilson, immediately threw into the trash.

Totus Ardeo

I had a dream last night where I had stumbled across a group conducting a performance of the Carmina Burana. I was in the audience eagerly following along in my score as per usual, but as they drew closer to the ending, they’d throw in their own little versions of movements, so I couldn’t follow them at all. To make it even worse, right before “Tempus Est Iocundum,” which is the one that nobody can WAIT to get to because it’s fun as hell to sing, they stopped and started giving out a whole bunch of awards. I couldn’t stand it, so I called them a bunch of hicks and left, but when I got to my jalopy, I found that the trunk lid was wide open. Then I had to drive down a big hill, and the interstate signs didn’t make any sense. The end.

Also, I am pleased to announce that a domain name I had purchased some years ago (for obvious reasons), aaronpryor.com, but had never used for much, is getting put to better use as of today, representing the greatest junior welterweight fighter ever.