I remember when my editor one day had me to sit down and type up an honor roll for the paper. She also had this funny idea that all the names should be spelled correctly, so she made me proof it, too. What a pain it was. I did it grudgingly and hated doing it. But, I did it, and when I was done, I felt like I’d grown a new muscle.

I had to generate a list at work today, too. This was a copy-paste job. From about 80 separate documents into a single list. I was asked to start doing this about about 40 minutes outside of my end-of-day.

I had it done right at 5. And I’m sure nobody in that room knew that I left feeling oddly satisfied about that. Grunt-work is dreadful. But the grunt-work I did today was vital to solving a larger problem. And it sure made me feel great that I could deliver.

Good Doggie

I had a puppy dream.

I was sitting in a couch, and this really cute doggie kept trying to sit in my lap.

He had this big googly eyes and a goofy smile, and his little ears were crooked, and he kept trying to get me to give him belly rubs, and he SOOOOO CUTE


How was your day?

Rolling Stone reviews Trout Mask Replica, July 1969

“Thus it’s very gratifying to say that Captain Beefheart’s new album is a total success, a brilliant, stunning enlargement and clarification of his art. Which is not to say that it’s in any sense slick, “artistic,” or easy. This is one of the few bands whose sound has actually gotten rawer as they’ve matured–“a brilliant and refreshing strategy.”