Let me get this straight. The Preznit of these Untied States just repeated the argument–an argument he has made previously–in public, in front of television cameras, that the Attorney General of these Untied States should have given him warning before accepting the job that he would recuse himself from matters relating to Russia; that HAD TRUMP KNOWN BEFORE that Sessions’ actions would lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor, he would not have hired him in the first place? This is his * defense * ? This is his defense * against charges that he has obstructed justice * ?

Brandi Carlile and Tune-Yards

It was about 3 a.m. that I learned of the existence of Brandi Carlile.

I hadn’t yet heard her segment on The Howard Stern Show. I knew it had aired because many Stern “fans” in my social media stream were bitching about it. Bitchy group, Stern fans. So I was having some trouble getting to sleepyland, and often when this happens, I put on the Stern show. They were playing the last half of her appearance in the studio. I was disappointed not to get to hear the entire segment, but I did get to hear Carlile and her “twins” perform her song “The Joke.”

This is a tremendous performer, and she has written a truly touching song. Her story of how she came to pen the song was even moreso: She met a son of her friend’s, and he was at that age, about 13, where he just didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, and she noticed he had a habit of tugging on his big white t-shirt, as if he was hiding in it. And she felt herself wanting to call him to offer reassurances about life and how it would improve.

She wrote a song instead.

Here’s NPR’s take on it, and it includes a live performance of “The Joke.” But, hey, a warning: Don’t listen to it if you’re not feeling like having your chin and lip quiver a little.

Then, if you’re like me, you’ll wash that down with a little Tune-Yards.

What do you mean, who? I haven’t gushed all over you yet about Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner?

The article referenced (in the Financial Times, of all places) immediately compares Tune-Yards to Talking Heads, which is an apt comparison.

But. To really dig the Yard-Tunes, you must see the live performance. It’s really something. Got an hour 20 to kill?

How about a half hour?

Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Clasica, 2015

Let’s talk Bonarda grapes.

As announced in November 2016, “Bonarda is a stealthy red wine option from Argentina that we think is going to make a big splash in the coming years.”

Indeed. If the Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Clasica, 2015 is a typical specimen of this genre of vino, it is well worth seeking out. This wine is the reason you drink red wine; it marches down the center of your tongue, offers you a taste from your palette to your scalp, then leaves you with a pleasant, floating finish, which is indicated in the flavor profile at the previously cited article: “Bonarda wines are at first very fruity on the nose, with notes of black cherry compote, fresh blueberry, and plum.”

I would register its balance between dry and sweet as right on the money, and it has a tangy quality. This is my new favorite wine. It is delicious.

I am having it tonight with smothered oxtail on risotto.

This wine was $7.99 at Marketplace Liquor in Henrietta, N.Y.