Shadow Boxing

There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t know where to begin.

Okay, fine; I’ll start here. They SHOULDN’T BE BOXING. Boxing is a sport that athletes train hard for and use their brains and their bodies for and that has a history and a methodology and a glory all its own. It’s like having a football game with singer-songwriters from the early to mid-70s. England Dan and John Ford Coley will be team captains. Uh, okay, I pick James Taylor. James? HELLO? Yeah, I heard you. Well get over here. Well, okay, then, I pick Carly Simon. She’ll kick his ass, and she can hide the ball in her teeth. Uh, okay, well, then, I pick Ace and Gary; I mean, Hall and Oates over there. Oh yeah? Fine, fine. If you get both of them, then I get Todd Rundgren and Janis Ian…

Second, why is Tonya Harding boxing Amy Fisher? Shouldn’t Tonya Harding be boxing Nancy Kerrigan? Shouldn’t Amy Fisher be boxing Mary Jo Buttafuco? And why the hell isn’t Mariah Carey boxing anybody?

This is, surely, a sign that each of these individuals has just given up. I suppose one can only fight so hard and against so much for self-respect before she reaches the conclusion that her deeds have been malicious enough and reviled enough that her only option is to profit through self-ridicule. I suppose that once your crime becomes you, all you really can do is to throw yourself in front of the camera, do whatever they want you to do and waddle off with a wheelbarrow full of cash. I’d say that I wish they’d both get paid to beat the living shit out of Darva Conger, but what she did wasn’t in the same league. It was stupider.

I’ll be watching, all right, but only because I love boxing. I want to see if Bonaduce has a decent hook. He’s boxing Barry Williams.

God Damn, I Love America!


I got an e-mail today that had the following subject line: “Hurry! Time is running out!”

So I deleted it VERY QUICKLY.


I read today that two senators I usually think are fuddy-duddy putzes are taking the lead in asking some pertinent questions.
According to the Washington Post, senators Byrd and Hollings are questioning the scope of President Bush’s defense budget request and the open-ended nature of the “war on terrorism.”

‘Sabout friggin’ time.

I mean, I was all for the initiative in Afghanistan simply because, well, hell, we had to blow something up. A country can’t just take a hit like that and not express a show of force, especially against an ideology as stupid and brutish as the one espoused by Al Queida (who is this “Al,” anyways?). I had hoped that our purpose in Afghanistan hadn’t really been about finding bin Laden or about waging a “war on terrorism.” I had hoped that it was just about kicking somebody’s ass to show people that we still can and will when we’re pushed. If that was the purpose of action in Afghanistan, we have achieved it, and it is time to set up the provisional government, let those people get back to farming poppy seeds for good American heroin, and to come home.

Now, however, Bush wants to escalate the “war on terrorism.” In my opinion, emphasizing an offensive against terrorism is the wrong approach. Sept. 11 didn’t happen because we forgot to kill enough terrorists. It happened because the protectors and generators of this nation’s intelligence had become fat and happy with the end of the Cold War and because the security systems in our airlines had gone to bloody hell. Homeland Security is the name of the game, but our president wants to keep on beating his chest about the “axis of evil.” History has taught us that going to war with ideas is kind of like owning a boat. Ya’ll know what a boat is, don’t you?
It’s a big hole in the water that you throw money into.

I’m ready for more Democrats to step up to the plate and start asking questions. We’ve got a president who was barely elected acting as if he has a mandate to lead who wants to go to war with the whole damned world. We’ve got a war going on that doesn’t seem to have an exit or an end in sight. Come on, Dems. Stand up and speak.

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Bonk Mix

I know I’m not blogging a lot today.

Stupid job really cuts into my life.

Besides, I’m playing with WinAmp today. Check out the Bonk Mix. ~~~>