Administrative Note

I know you all were clamoring to read you some 8WK news at about 1 a.m.

Too bad if you were. I couldn’t even reach my sites, not one of them. Darned frustrating, too, as I had just spent the previous hour setting up an Amazon tap to the new network, then setting up a TP-Link smart plug as well. Then I got online and found that I could not even reach my regular home page, nor my Wiki, nor this very useful website.

Dreamhost is pretty good at letting you know when something’s up. The status from around that time: “Our Operations teams are currently investigating connectivity issues which indicate an issue related to our name servers. We will provide updated information as it becomes available.”

Here I was fixing to blame the local ISP. It turns out my Web host had a DNS connectivity issue.

Well, it’s fixed now. Thanks, Dreamhost.

This Might Get Weird

I am trying out the new Gutenberg editing system for WordPress, a step I have been procrastinating because, you know. Change. Icky. So forgive me if posts look a little weird around here for a while. Meanwhile, lets use a few pictures taken Thanksgiving to see how the thing handles pictures. I didn’t apparently think to take pictures of human beings. 


In Other News


A while ago, I noticed that my homespun websites, such as this one here, started coming up as “insecure.” I wondered why.

As it often happens, it’s because Google is being an asshole.

As of July 23, it turns out, Chrome had called out every website without an active SSL certificate as “Not Secure.” This means every website. Every last one. Even if you’re just a dinky blog or a simple index page with a few links and images.

Fortunately, my beautiful Dreamhost makes it easy to place a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate onto the site. Otherwise, it would have been at least $15 a year for the verified SSL, which I would need if I ran e-commerce.

What does this mean? It means some browsers won’t flag my beloved AITWK site as unsafe, and that Google Chrome will no longer deny me my little padlock and say NOT SECURE in big bold print in your browser.

I also had to make an .htaccess file to force yinz to the https protocol if you get here via http. That wasn’t too bad either.

So, hooray, padlock!

Brought to you by WHYNOPADLOCK DOT COM


So for awhile I was trying something new. I was trying to move my blog here to a zippier domain name,

Here’s the whole entire story.

First of all. The name. “Adventures Into the Well-Known.” When I would stay with my Dad as a youngster, we would take trips. I once referred to one of our ventures as an “adventure into the well-known,” and my Dad laughed. It became a running joke because it always made my Dad laugh. So when I was living in Washington, D.C. and was trying to name my blog, I ended up going back to my basic material. Adventures Into the Well-Known it would be.

It was funny to me on another level, too, in that usually when you’re trying to create a web presence, your URL is supposed to be snappy. “” is no such thing. It’s a friggin’ mouthful of buffalo balls in Internet language. This appealed to the mosh-pit mentality in me. It left me tickled because it’s so long and stupid. It was perfect.

Years later, however, I felt stymied by the long, mush-mouthed domain I had chosen. I wished I could find a more succinct domain. How could I do that and yet keep the spirit of the original identity? This combined with my on-again off-again interest in being an Internet broadcaster via platforms such as Live365 radio. Adventures Into The Well Known Radio is kind of a mouthful.

So one night when I was sitting at work and should have been working (sorry), I was pondering a new identity for what has become something I consider to be my personal brand. How can I abbreviate this?

Sometimes, ideas hit you like thunder.

A for Adventures
I for Into
T for The

AIT = 8

W for Well

K for Known


I know to you that to me this was a bolt of lightning is weird. But it was. I can have a less mealy-mouthed domain that still reflects the original idea. It was brilliant. 8WK. It’s still Adventures Into the Well Known. But different. You know. Like KFC.

Plus the new domain options.

I’ve never been a dot-com. I’m not trying to sell things. Frankly, the larger reason I keep a blog is to learn things. I keep it so I can learn about WordPress and SQL and other fun things. When I got the domain, you had the choices of dot-com, dot-org, or dot-net. Those were your choices. No soup for you.

But I like that we can now choose dot-me domains. Or even dot-blog domains. That you can specify the purpose of your site via your domain is a great advancement for the Web.

So I bought

And I wanted to try it out. I did in various ways. Mostly I had it re-direct here. Then for a while I decided to have it be the main domain in Spain with the rain.

Anyway so I wanted to try to make my main domain. I don’t think it worked.

My Mom calls it 8-week something something. For example. She doesn’t understand what I’m doing. If my own Mama doesn’t get it, then how is the average surfer going to?

Plus I have all the years of traffic. All two of you.

Screw it. I don’t know what will become of But I’m staying here.

Adventures Radio

I have for some years now been somewhat of an amateur broadcaster, sort of. Very amateur.

I like to put songs up on the Internet with the possibility that someone might listen to the songs I have chosen. I think it’s fun, for some reason. I guess I figure, what the heck. Everyone needs a hobby.

I began this hobby at Live365 but became dissatisfied with many of its limitations, so I found a little upstart platform called Loudcaster and was remarkably happy with them until recently, when they “updated” their platform and utterly ruined it in my opinion. They yanked away FTP access, a feature which made this outfit awesome, and they removed some other really cool stuff as well. Last week, I pulled the plug on Proper Modulation, and it should cease broadcast here pretty soon.

However, I have since discovered that my Live365 account is paid through August. So, what the heck. Let’s go back to playing with that.

So. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you: Adventures Radio, the official Internet radio station of the Adventure Into the Well-Known blog. I’m still toying with programming and for right now am just working on a project to develop a single massive playlist based solely on the Live365 Music Library (a great feature of this platform over that). We shall see if this thing becomes useful enough to extend past August.

Home Is Where The Tivo Is

Before I recount my incredible adventure to sunny Edinboro, Pa., a personal and/or blog note. I am not certain exactly what I’m doing with this blog and Adventures. The latter’s been abandoned lately for this, and I may consolidate completely. This new environment gives me more to work with, and besides, the editorial purpose of “Adventures” has just gone flat. I have imported a buncha entries from that to this for the sake of archives. I’m still not sure about closing the other. Bloggers may understand this sort of aphasia, I think.

Anyway. I would like to briefly note that a person has recently discorporated permanently who may have occassionally read this blog and/or its previous version. It happened late April, but I’ve only recently found out. She was often my intended audience, though not so much lately, but I am sad nonetheless to learn that I can no longer even pretend that she might be reading.

I had a nice visit to The Lake, though I killed a deer en route, right before Breezewood. Damned thing just jumped into my car and ended up twitching on the highway behind me. When that happens, you can’t stop, either, because you’re right in the thick of traffic. So you end a critter’s life and you just have to keep driving. I stopped at a garage to ask them if I needed to report it and to get a precursory look at the jammed-in wheel well. Esther was driving okay, so I was all right for the trip up.