Bright Before Me: The Signs Implore Me

Pretty much the only thing I have ever known until now about Claudine Longet is that she mounted ridiculous defense for a murder rap. And the only reason I knew that is because I was reared on Saturday Night Live.

What I didn’t know until recently is that one of Longet’s standards is one of my very favorite songs.

Goes like this:

Only, I usually hear it like this:

I mean, you can spoof on Randy Newman all you want:

But he wrote this lovely thing.

Covers of the song are not uncommon, shall we say. But you haven’t lived until you’ve heard this one:

Just sit for a moment and let that sentiment sink in: Human kindness is overflowing. And, I think it’s going to rain today. Then try not to smile. It’s really something.

So I’ve got to thank my Moms for an early birthday present. Have a look.

Last weekend was an Edinboro visit weekend, as the previous was the big family reunion. It was grand and both locations are beautiful off the charts. Plus, we had a mission, to get my Granny set up with a compyooter since the provider she’s used for years is shuttering.

The book seller lady has moved out of the mall onto Erie Street. And the world-famous Edinboro Mall is still sad. But it certainly is beautiful and an excellent locale to scout out some good cast iron. (This pan was a bargain at $22.50.)

More YouTube goodness, a wonderful Nova episode regarding Darwin and evolution:

    Recent Notes, Somehow Related
  • So, if you choose to sit in a public bathroom stall singing a song at the top of your lungs, what is the best song choice you can come up with? I learned today from an actual event that it is: “Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel.
  • Try as you might, there is no elegant way to haul a 36-roll package of Scott Bathroom Tissue across a trendy downtown avenue.

A Puzzling Trade Association Custom

I have just got back from what I find to be a puzzling trade association custom, the stuffing party. Or, perhaps it is just the custom where I work, and other trade associations have more sense about this sort of thing.

What you do, see, is you get a group of people into a big room, and some of these people earn $30 an hour for their jobs, and some of these people earn like $110 an hour for their jobs. So what you do is you have these people stuff envelopes, which is something you could be paying another group of people like $15 an hour to do.

It always confounds me, but I usually put in an hour or so anyway. I figure it’s entertaining to watch a group of people get vastly overpaid to do shit work.

Anyway, happy halloween, and happy birthday also to Kevin Pollak. I am reminded today that the photograph that heads this stupid blog is of me in a fabulous Halloween costume conceived and sewn by that lady who doesn’t eat onions. Thanks Mom.


VIRGINIA BEACH—I sat for six hours and force-fed standup comedy to my recuperating mother this evening on Comedy Central. (I know I haven’t mentioned this, I don’t want to say much about it here. I will say that she’s being one courageous lady. Power to ya, Mom, I love you.)

Anyway, the best line of the night came from Greg Proops, who referred to Canada as “an entire country named Doug.” Titter.