Peace in our time.

Kitteh haz been sleeping on my laundries. My laundries should not be on floor of course, but that’s beside the point. So when I was at a certain box store today, I came across something called the “Catnip Lounger.” It’s a kitteh bed with a packet of catnip attached. I threw it in my cart next to my new ice scraper. I brought it home and cut off the packet of catnip and threw it down on the floor. Kitteh lunged for it and was enjoying it within minutes.

Sunshine Cat in her New Bed

Problem iz that kitteh #2 iz all like WHERE’S MAH BED? HUH? I’MA TAKE THIS BED FROM YOU KITTEH! And was fixing to do so, and kitteh #2 is larger and more spry than iz kitteh.

So I drove back to the certain box store. Thankfully, they haz another one just like it.

Two happy kittehz now sleepin’ in here. Peace in our time.

Nine Lives

I thought Bill the Cat had died in my lap last night as I sat on the deck with a whiskeh at 4 a.m. He was all dead and wasn’t breating or anything. And I was all like gee, that’s too bad, and we’ll miss you buddy. And then (s)he started breathing again.

bill the cat

Can’t catch a break.

So I told that guy to kiss my ass. And then he did. I sure told him.

Damnit Jim McDougal I’m a Whitewater prosecutor, not a bricklayer.

The phrase “hung like a horse” is there for a reason. So is the phrase “you don’t shit where you eat.” Believe me. Your housemates hate it.