Well, I just bought me some new underpants.

Update: I posted this to Facebook, and I think it may be one of my more commented on entries there. Some of the glorious feedback received…

  • it’s good to celebrate wins.
  • Thanks for sharing…No pics??
  • Living the dream
  • Low-rise Mesh?
  • Underoos, they have them for adults !!
  • Mr. Moneybags over here with no holes in his britches
  • But . . . what about the socks???!!? Socks are vitally important don’t ya know. They can even substitute for underpants if you are so inclined.
  • ’bout time

Wings Give You Wings

I went out to lunch today with Dear Old Dad. I ordered wings, parm and garlic. It may be the fourth time I’ve eaten wings recently.

I never ate wings before I moved to the backyard of the dish’s birthplace. I thought they were kind of gross. But since I moved to the ROC, I’ve become a big fan, thanks mostly to the now defunct J.B. Quimby’s, which made the yummiest “jerk” wings I’ve ever had (it wasn’t really jerk rub, but it was salty and full of rosemary, and it was delicious). That helped turn me into a rabid wing eater.

And, the thing is, that is one of the things I missed most about being locked up thanks to Preznit Carnage’s horrible awful no-good COVID disease. I missed ponying up to a bar and enjoying a pile of piping hot, crunchy, greasy, well-seasoned chicken wings. So that was mighty enjoyable.

So I’m on a wing rampage. Gosh they’re delicious.

So then we bought some groceries for the old people. Then I came home and worked on a project: The kitchen speakers are now upgraded.

Next, a bit of cable management for the unavoidable cable runover across the floor, and I get the friggin’ pilot chair fixed.

Then I’ll really have something.

My Back Hurts

Sometimes there’s a special place where my back hurts. It’s on the left side just below the shoulder blade in there somewhere. And it hurts like a hard pinch. And so as I write this, I’m leaning on a cold compress and that’s nice and all. But I don’t know if it’s how I’m sleeping or if it’s how I’m sitting when I work (I alternate between a sitting and standing desk here in the home office) or if it’s just a tumor. But leaning up on a cold compress sure is nice. Also Tylenol helps. So does booze.

I am currently listening to the album When God Was Great by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Imagine, if you will, an album made by these longtime music professionals in the ska/ska-core genre making an album now. It is sublime, and I highly recommend it. Ska is alive and well, kids, and TMMBT is still working. It’s not about fried mozzarella. It’s about heart, music, and love. Ska has my adoration forever.

Prince could unwind Bryant Gumbel into a quivering, giggling, incoherent puddle. Imagine if you’d gotten to meet him.

Some of this appearance is the typical nonsense you might expect from fellow Kent State alum Arsenio Hall. It is worth viewing, however, if for nothing else than the magical performance by Liv Warfield.

PTO Project: Upgrade Sound System

I think I was 16 when my Dad and I drove to the local Circuit City and picked up a spiffy new Kenwood tuner for me. I think it was a birthday present. The beauty of this tuner was the remote control, you could mute the thing from across the room via remote, and the remote actually moves the volume rocker, so it maintains an analog aesthetic. And the thing has been the main audio engine of my entertainment center ever since.

This isn’t to say that the thing hasn’t seen some wear and tear. The remote had stopped working, especially on the volume. Seeing as how I have a few days PTO where I don’t have to telecommute, I thought I might see if a light internal dusting would fix these issues.

So I took the components off the system table and gave it a through dusting with some Murphy’s Wood Soap and microfiber cloth. I unscrewed the tiny screws in the tuner and tossed them into a clean coffee mug, and nervously removed the top (my brother is the one with training in this kind of thing, not me). I used my trusty power duster to blast out the ancient dust therein, then plugged it in to test. The volume rocker still would not budge for my remote.

I did find two further issues, the first a simple fix: There was a sticky goo on the remote sensor on the tuner’s front. Once I cleaned this up, guess what happened? The remote worked a bit better. Duh.

I also noticed that the volume knob is loose. There appears to be a tiny post next to it that it’s supposed to be glued to, but it has since come loose. If I push the volume unit forward so it is flush with the front panel, the remote works perfectly. But I am a bit too nervous to go injecting any sort of glue into the thing, so I’ve elected to leave this as is for now. I do feel like the dusting did some good, however.

The rest of my setup will also get an upgrade; I mean, why bother removing all the components if I’m not going to put it back together with a bit more care? New 16-gauge speaker wire. Flex-pin connectors are on order so cutting, stripping, and crimping will be a one-time chore. I may not even get all the work done before I’m back to the job on Thursday. Probably won’t, actually. But this time, the thing’s gonna get put together with some care. It’s gonna sound great.


Guilty on all counts. Enjoy spending the rest of your life in solitary, you murdering cop.

Administrative Note

I know you all were clamoring to read you some 8WK news at about 1 a.m.

Too bad if you were. I couldn’t even reach my sites, not one of them. Darned frustrating, too, as I had just spent the previous hour setting up an Amazon tap to the new network, then setting up a TP-Link smart plug as well. Then I got online and found that I could not even reach my regular home page, nor my Wiki, nor this very useful website.

Dreamhost is pretty good at letting you know when something’s up. The status from around that time: “Our Operations teams are currently investigating connectivity issues which indicate an issue related to our name servers. We will provide updated information as it becomes available.”

Here I was fixing to blame the local ISP. It turns out my Web host had a DNS connectivity issue.

Well, it’s fixed now. Thanks, Dreamhost.


A few years ago, there was a Macy’s in the mall near where I lived, and it was closing. I was trying to outfit my apartment, so I figured there would be bargains to be had, so I walked in. And it was one of the most depressing scenes I have ever witnessed. They were mainly selling rugs, some arcane furniture nobody would buy, and the store fixtures themselves, the counters, the display cases, anything anything, you could probably make an offer on somebody’s toupee and they would have sold it. And as I walked through this disaster knowing I would not be buying anything, I walked by one former jewelry counter, and there was a black woman saying “stop it, no, we can’t go back home, you play with that phone and sit there” or something like that. This woman took this job, probably as a temp? or she worked for them before and was trying to earn a few bucks before everything got closed? I don’t know which. But she had a 4 or 6 year old kid sitting on the floor in her counter in the midst of a situation where she would only in a few minutes or a day or a week or a month where she would be losing her “job.” And despite that desperate, hopeless choice for a “job” that was destined to end, that promised no future, no sustainable living, despite that, she had to make her child play on her phone on the dirty carpet in a department store just to keep paying the rent. Every time I think about public policy these days, I think about that woman. The only thing that government should be doing is taking care of her. And it does nothing but. Shame on this country. Shame on your stupid, short-sighted ass.

“The litmus test for America is how we are treating black women.” (Kamala Harris)
I told somebody to go shit in a lake. Then I told the person how. “Squatting off the end of the dock with your pants down is not the best way. You should probably just jump into the lake and then do your business in the lake. The water might be really cold at that time so your bowels might tighten up. But you are a guy in control, so you can probably handle it. Maybe bend your body back and forth a couple of times to make your bowels ease up. I would recommend wearing a lifejacket.”
The President of the United States should not be advocating a boycott of an American business for any reason. Republicans have often been critical of Democratic politicians for “picking winners and losers.” But Democrats have never done anything as flagrant as to name a specific, American based company and saying “this company sucks” for political reasons. This is unpresidential, this is bad for our country, this is an abuse of the bully pulpit, this is horrible. This alone should invite Congressional hearings, but it won’t because here are 1300 more of these a day with this idiot. Vote Biden, FFS, vote Biden, do not shove your own vote up your nose. This impeached president is so bad for your country and for you.

A Really Really Important Message

Many years ago, I stole a Dave Barry joke and left it as my outgoing message on my answering machine. The joke was:

“Hi. You have reached [phone number]. If you’d like to press “1,” press “1.” If you’d like to press “2,” press “2.”

And so on.

This really annoyed one caller of mine. I edited this a little at the time for effect. But this was the crux of the biscuit:

I am still sad that I will never know what the important message was.

Administrative Note

On or around March 18, 2001, I started blogging.

Records show I first registered the domain “” on September 10, 2003, although the Wayback Machine has entries with the Adventures design as far back as July 2002. I was 35 years old.

Blogging was a brand new thing, and I started it mainly as a way to force myself into the social stratosphere of Washington, D.C. Bloggers got together. We’d shoot pool. We’d do happy hours. Then, you’d go home and chronicle your, um, adventures. You’d try to make your blog as good as Lex’s or Scully’s or Eve’s. Or, I would, anyway. I rarely succeeded–these were some brilliant human beings.

But blogging was also was an area for professional growth. My interest in blogging led me to learn how domains work, how to register them and how to direct them; how to manage a content management system such as WordPress or GreyMatter before it (remember GreyMatter?); how to design a Web page; how to code; how to troubleshoot. It was largely an interest in blogging that allowed me to move from journalism to Web-monkeying to doing the tech logistics work I’m doing now.

Often, when a blogger starts a post like this, it leads to a retirement announcement. That is not the case here. I have breached my 50th year on Earth, but I believe I will be keeping a blog until the day I stop refusing to die and am placed face-down in the ground (you know why face-down, ya’ll).

But I am moving.

Mainly, I’m moving because my current host costs money, and Blogspot is free. I find that more sustainable as I no longer need a Web host to make me seem like I know what I’m doing. I no longer create Web spaces for a living, and nor do I any longer even consider doing it for fun. Kids these days laugh at my ancient methods anyways. Tables? You still use tables? 2000 called! It wants its BLINK tag back!

So, I am working to archive this project to Blogspot. It is a project I may never finish because as far as I can tell, copy/pasta is the only way to do that work. But, the work is kind of nice; it allows me to review a lot of blog entries. I’ll like the Blogger backups better anyway as they are straight-forward RSS rather than WordPress’ more proprietary approach. Not to mention, Blogspot provides a community aspect you don’t get with a standalone site on a shared server.

If you have a site with me, I’ll be talkin’ to ya, and we’ll get things moved around. I mean, I have a year at least. But my intention is to not pay this hosting fee again next year. So the official site is now at, which will forward to the Blogspot. Entries will be archived there and removed from here as we go.

See yinz over there.

Bright Before Me: The Signs Implore Me

Pretty much the only thing I have ever known until now about Claudine Longet is that she mounted a ridiculous defense for a murder rap. And the only reason I knew that is because I was reared on Saturday Night Live. What I didn’t know until recently is that one of Longet’s standards is one of my very favorite songs. Goes like this:

Only, I usually hear it like this:

I mean, you can spoof on Randy Newman all you want:

But he wrote this lovely thing.

Covers of the song are not uncommon, shall we say. But you haven’t lived until you’ve heard this one:

Just sit for a moment and let that sentiment sink in: Human kindness is overflowing. And, I think it’s going to rain today. Then try not to smile. It’s really something.

So I’ve got to thank my Moms for an early birthday present. Have a look.

Last weekend was an Edinboro visit weekend, as the previous was the big family reunion. It was grand and both locations are beautiful off the charts. Plus, we had a mission, to get my Granny set up with a compyooter since the provider she’s used for years is shuttering. The book seller lady has moved out of the mall onto Erie Street. And the world-famous Edinboro Mall is still sad. But it certainly is beautiful and an excellent locale to scout out some good cast iron. (This pan was a bargain at $22.50.)

More YouTube goodness, a wonderful Nova episode regarding Darwin and evolution:

    Recent Notes, Somehow Related

  • So, if you choose to sit in a public bathroom stall singing a song at the top of your lungs, what is the best song choice you can come up with? I learned today from an actual event that it is: “Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel.
  • Try as you might, there is no elegant way to haul a 36-roll package of Scott Bathroom Tissue across a trendy downtown avenue.