Sinéad O’Connor

Instant favorite: Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot dive deep into the career of Sinéad O’Connor, one of the most powerful performers in music who sadly got canceled before “cancel culture” was a term. This country owes the lady an apology and a big hug. A great interview with documentary filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, who made Nothing Compares.

Listen to the Sound Opinions podcast from 2/17/2023 here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Abigail Disney

Marc talks with Abigail about her social awakening earlier in life and her current roles as an activist, philanthropist and filmmaker. They also discuss her new documentary, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, about the unequal economy as exemplified by the corporation that bears her name.

A terrific conversation that may light a fire under one’s ass.

Direct link to this episode in the WTF with Marc Maron archive.