Writers On Set

Having a writer on set is one of the big issues that is causing the Writers Guild of America to strike. While I’m really annoyed to be missing live episodes of SNL, it sounds like the writers are really facing some existential issues in their profession, as in, the studios and the streamers would really like streaming to allow the way writers have always been paid to change for their favor, as corporate America is wont to do.

Here’s a great Twitter thread explaining why having a writer on set is such a big deal and how it actually can be thought of a labor cost that pays for itself…


Dear Kyle Rittenhouse

This was in response to a typically moronic tweet from this ridiculous assassin on the Twitter. Ahem.

You would be better off to remove yourself from the public eye rather than broadcasting every brain fart you have to social media. I beg you, delete your Twitter. Head off and read some books. I recommend starting with Alex Haley. Get to know yourself. Grow older. Grow smarter.

Learn an instrument. Write a novel. Take solace in simple things. Travel. You were acquitted. You no longer need to take on this monster by the shoulders. Callarse la boca and have a terrific life. And, please: Try not to kill anyone else in the meantime.

I hope he reads it.