Pomp and Circumstance

I’ve probably told you this story before, but: In or around 1998, I was interviewing for a job, and the boss asked me if I had any siblings.

I said, “No.” Then I took a beat.

Then I said “Wait. Yes. Yes, I do.”

They hired me anyway.

It was the first time since the birth of my brother in 1995 that I’d had to face the question. Prior to that, I’d spent 27 years as an only child. Thus my outlandish reply. I’m amazed Suzette didn’t pull my arm behind me and kick me in my ass while she threw me out the back door.

Anyway, today, said kid brother, who once was smaller than my forearm (I know because that’s where I held him), granulated from high school.

We were all offered a out from sitting on those uncomfortable field house chairs for two hours, but heck with that. After knowing this person for the first 18 years of his life, I wasn’t going to miss this benchmark.

It turned into the best weekend I’ve had all year. Family, friends, loved ones were here. There was good food. Not to mention the XRIJF was wrapping up.

That was quite a weekend. Thank you.


blackie lounging

Good Doggie

My new insurance agent’s office keeps a pooch, this elderly, fat, patchy cocker spaniel mutt with a cyst on his back, named “Lucky.” As I waited this morning, Lucky came over, gave me a sniff, then rolled onto his back and insisted on a belly rub. I rubbed the dog’s tummeh and was certain I had picked the right insurance agent.

Tilting At The Shack Out Back

When she visits the Big House, Maddy Pryor has an amazingly specific ritual.

First, she has to explore the house. She walks into the dining room, the kitchen, then downstairs to my space. Then, I have to encourage her outside for a “strictly business” trip. Then, she’s back inside to do a bit more exploring and to collect a biscuit from me.

Soon, she gives me that snort that tells me she wants to go outside again. I have come to expect this trip, the one in which she must go tilting.

I open the door, and she takes off, direct in her purpose. She runs directly to the white shack in the far back right of the yard and growls and barks ferouciously at it. In a moment, she is apparently satisfied that she has appropriately terrified the building, and she wanders the yard for a bit, sniffing. Then, she returns to me.

She only does this once per visit.

Dogs are amazing.