At 4:24 p.m., some news hit the CNN that just has me GOT with JOY and incredible RAPTURE!

Hallelujah! Yip-yaw, even. A circuit court has just ruled that the pledge of allegiance violates the Constitution.

Well of course it does. I’ve been clamming up for years when those particular words come around because I prefer to keep supreme beings and universe creators out of my government, thank you. I mean, if we’re all here swearing to be part of a nation “under god,” what the hell does that mean to me if I worship a different god? Or a godess? Or a toaster? Is it anybody’s business under the auspices of nationalism to strictly limit my avenues of worship, to tell me that I should feel beholden to a specific concept of a Universal Being? Should anyone, especially a child, ever be prodded into such blatant and inappropriate catterwauling about “God,” especially in the name of the nation, fearing retribution if they dare keep their hands in their pockets instead of installing one directly over the heart?

It just gives me some comfort to know that some legal minds somewhere are trying to make this sucker make a little more sense. The Constitution specifically prohibits government in America from dictating religion to its people. The post-’54 “pledge” does indeed dictate religion to Americans. Gotta agree with the circuit court, baby. With liberty…and justice…for all…