How To Save The World And Look Hot Hot Hot

I went to the luncheon today just to see. It shames me to admit it because it’s oh so shallow, but I did. I went to the luncheon today just to see what it was like to be in the presence of such outlandish hotness.

It wasn’t bad. It didn’t kill me. I didn’t have to avert my eyes. And yes, good people, Angelina Jolie is every bit as beautiful as she looks on that little box in your living room. As you might expect, she’s also rather interesting.

She was at the Press Club today to speak about her work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She said that she always thought she was a rather well-educated human being until she filmed in Cambodia, and they told her not to wander around over there because of the landmines, and they told her about the refugees. She eventually adopted one of those refugees.

When you grow up in this country, you do make certain assumptions, one of which is that children are always safe and shielded from horrible things. Jolie has created a second career for herself in reminding people that it ain’t always true, that sometimes, refugee children in the United States face tribunals, large rooms full of strangers, and are expected to recount stories of violence and persecution to them. There are an estimated 5,000 kids like this per year in the United States. One of UNHCR’s aims is to find pro bono legal help for these youngsters, through the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children.

Hearing Jolie speak about these things made me consider my first interests in global politics, which came from reading about Stephen Biko. It’s easy these days to think that the world’s only tragedy is happening in Bush’s Mess O’ Potamia, but it’s good to be reminded that the world is much bigger than that and that there are places like Darfour and Cambodia and…um…Detroit.

Someone asked Jolie if she’d ever consider parlaying her acting career into a job in politics. Her reply was amusing: “I think I have too many skeletons in my closet for politics.” Interestingly enough, she thinks Colin Powell would be a good choice to head the World Bank. And, I don’t know how many Americans can casually say, “We have a home in Cambodia.” Interesting woman. And, yes, I am pleased to report: She is hot.

Well, back to my study of iMIS Content Manager. :: Snort :: > : )

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