God-damnit, I don’t want to know the identity of “Deep Throat.”

I’ve already just this weekend learned why Darth Vader has to wear the mask.

If I know who “Deep Throat” is, what mysteries are there left? The refrigerator light thing? Airline food? Is he or isn’t he Zach’s Dad?

Sorry. It just doesn’t compare. Suck the suspense out, why don’tcha?


Many of you will soon be given this spiffy new Blogger URL for the Adventures blog. As is perennially the case with most blogger-folk, I have decided to make some drastic changes in how I run these things.

This sort of started when Dreamhost wrote and said I was using too much of their system sources. I have tended to use a lot of PHP scripts and such, but I didn’t think it were that many, for goodness sake. I don’t want to have to worry and fuss around with all of that. So, I hatched a plot to start moving all of my stuff back to free services. Might as well save myself $20 a month and fix Dreamhost’s wagon whilst I’m at it.

So, this is where this will reside for awhile. I rather like the notion of not paying for it. Besides, Blogger has improved a lot since I was using it three years ago. What it can’t do is run PHP, so I’m sort of one-handed here regarding online sorcery. What it can do that Greymatter didn’t do is to make users register to post comments, thus disallowing bot-spamming. Yay!

P.S. I am digging through archives and adding blasts from the past. You can do that with Blogger. : )


I just heard Rachel Maddow, as a guest host on AAR’s “Morning Sedition,” give up a little “woo-hoo!” while trailing to a commercial break. Isn’t it wonderful that we now have an entire generation of folks who now use that particular Simpsonesque exclamation regularly? I use it all the time, along with the more negatory “D’oh!”

I find that the latter is useful in helping me avoid using curse words at the office. Also, it is useful in defusing whatever the hell it is I’m upset about because it makes me think of Homer, which makes me laugh, or at the very least helps me see how stupid whatever it is that’s got me pissed is.

My weekend, my gods, please, can all of my weekends be like that? Please? It was perfect. I want another one.

An Early Review

Revenge of the Sith is, quite simply, fucking awesome. This is the Star Wars prequel the haters have been bitching for since Menace came out, and if they don’t cop to that when they finally see it, they’re lying.” (Kevin Smith)