I Think It’s Your Mind

One of my big vacation projects has been to at last deal with the creepy-crawlie CD collection. As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I own entirely too many compact discs. Well. I don’t think it’s too many. The problem, though, is that I own too many crappy compact discs and own and display too many that are mediocre. So, I’ve been spending some time on each day of my vacation sorting through my CDs. Sad, right?

Well, we’ll see. I just traded a big stack of ’em at Orpheus. The man gave me $30 store credit, and I blew nearly all of it on one LP. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store, and I nearly dropped to the floor when I saw it.

Frank Zappa’s Only In It For The Money. He wanted $25 for it, and it’s worth every dime. This is an album that must be heard on vinyl. And this one is MINT. Unfortunately for my housemates, I can’t listen to this record without singing along. Wah wah wah wah.

Other titles collected via my remaining $5 from the $1 vinyl bin:

  • Sesame Street, Original Cast Record
  • The Best of Bill Cosby
  • The Best of Bob Newhart
  • The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart

As per my bargain with myself before I left this afternoon, whatever Mr. Orpheus didn’t take would go straight to Goodwill. And, they did. Reading out, baby!

So today was a good day. I got my hair cut. I tracked down three new excellent recipes at the libary that I intend to try. I wandered around aimlessly through Barnes and Noble. I wandered aimlessly through the Container Store and purchased something that I think will help me create an excellent hPDA. Then I had the tomato salad and a pupusa at Mexicali Blues. Then, I went up the street to make my trade.

There will even come a time when you can take your clothes off when you dance.

"…it’s like they’re saying, ‘Here, you throw this away.’"

Am I overly annoyable through my daily commute, at the tourists who consistently block my passage off of the train, at the escalator leftstanders and the hogs of egress, at the pedestrian meanderers, and, perhaps most troubling, at the leaflet and newspaper distributors?

They are mother birds on PCP, more than eager to jam their found pablum into you. Here’s a restaurant you should try. Here’s some stuff on newsprint you should read. Here, you throw this away (thanks, Mitch). Today there was some falun gong dude handing out pamphlets inside the Metro Center station. Well, it was either falun gong he was selling, or it was miso.

I don’t know because I have a general policy of neither accepting nor offering anything whilst I’m in transit. I’ll pick up an Express from time to time, but that’s it. I’m not giving you money or whatever the hell you just mumbled to me about, and I’m not taking your little pieces of paper.

I’m thinking of printing up a little sign and wearing it on my hat. The sign would say, “I Accept No Fliers. Thank You.” And, if these people keep being pushy about it, on the other side of the sign, it would perhaps say “Piss Off, Already. I Said No.”

I Just Cleaned My Cat's Litterbox

I got to share the magick of Sage Francis today. My buddy Griffy was saying at a Pool of Car fiesta Friday how much he loves hip-hop, and I knew what he needed for his birthday today. He got the new Sage Francis CD. So Jay marinated and grilled a humongous mess of meat. Did it well, too, damn it was good. I am convinced that there is something orgasmic about a medium rare steak and a good red vino. Mmmmmmm.

iPod Mini Fix?

I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I’ll share anyway.

This morning the iPod mini was doing the weirdest thing. I was trying to listen to the Rachel Maddow Show, and it was stuttering. I tried fast forwarding it, but it only kept stuttering. So, I paused play and THEN fast forwarded while it was paused, then unpaused it.

No more stutter. Damn I’m good.