The Radio Is Broken

I’m okay. Really. Thanks for asking. But I have managed somehow to survive the great XM Blackout of 2007. I got to sleep last night like the kid in “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” “Easy…easy…easy…” since there was no Audio Visions 77 to lull me to sleep. I missed recording Deep Tracks last evening and missed recording This American Life as well.

But don’t worry about me none. I’ll be fine once the shakes stop and the hives go away.

Battlestacked Galactica and Other Crap

I am a man of much media mirth. Ask my little lady Jesscita. Unfortunately for her, I am a Fan of the Show, and so therefore, many of our conversations begin with me saying something along the lines of “So on the Howard Stern show yesterday…” She acts a little disgusted by the whole thing, but usually, when I have it on when she’s around, she takes an interest. The last time, it was Howard reviewing the whole “shut up, sit down” litany. Myself, I’d heard it a gazillion times before, though I could listen to Ben Stern talk for hours and likewise with listening to him review the old tapes and bitch about them. For her, hearing it for the first time, well, it tickled her. I’d warn her, honey, that’s how you become a FOTS. But I won’t belabor the point wit’ her.

My other media obsession is with the Sci-Fi network television program known only to me as “Battlestacked Galactica.” I call it this mainly because I think it’s funny, but also, admittedly, due to the otherworldly nature of Tricia Helfer’s presence on the screen. Gaius Baltar, you lucky bastard. I did not watch during the seasons’ runs and am getting caught up via DVD, which is great because it means you can watch like five of them in a row and then go look at your self in the mirror and see your eyes bloodshot and that tomato sauce stain on your white T shirt. I kept trying to watch it before, but to be honest, it requires some heavy lifting in the beginning before you’re in. For me, it was the last season’s finale, and the song, and how they used the song, and then Starbuck looking, as she might say, gods-like. Interesting as hell that they’re pagans railing against a monotheistic superpower. The show is one of the finest I’ve ever seen on the television machine. I cannot wait for the first disc of season 2.5 to get back to me.

I can never tell if it takes a very lot to entertain me or actually very little.