Street Sense

Is it bad that the Street Sense hawkers offend my journalistic sensibilities? That, when trying to come up with a way to help the homeless, when trying to find a skill that even the homeless could do, someone in the room stood up and said “I know! They can be REPORTERS!”

I deal with this shit every day, some dummy on the other side of the office stands up and goes, “I know! Let’s make another newsletter!” Because, as you know, publishing a news periodical requires no actual skills and anyone can do it. That is of course until it comes to the actual execution of publishing the thing, and then I have people in my office going, why do the pictures in my pretty e-newsletter have those funny (lowercase) x-boxes in them? Why did the three-megabyte PDF I attached to those 4,000 e-mails slow down the entire Internet? What do you mean, “under way” is two words?