I Am Home

I cannot tell you how glad I am to have access to my own bathroom and my own bed. I have watched tonight’s Battlestacked Galactica. I have set up my Sirius Radio again. And I must, I must in the spirit of the previously blogged travel tips, give a plug to the following product.

They are called “Earplanes.” And they saved my ass tonight.

When I fly, I usually suffer from debilitating ear pain and stuffy head. I bought a pair of earplanes at the Brookstone store at the Vegas airport, almost as an afterthought. I stuck them in my ears before we took off and was amazed that by landing in Denver, there was no pain, no stuffiness, none, none, none. I felt normal. It was a miracle. But the true test was from Denver to Dulles. Weather was tough for that flight, in fact, my plane suffered a lightning strike in the process of landing. We held in the air for 20 minutes before final descent. Had I not had these tubes in my ears, I would have been screaming bloody murder. But I suffered only a minor stuffiness. These things are wonderful and were the best ten bucks I spent the entire trip. Travel tip. Buy Earplanes. They are wonderful.


This is how I got to watch the Kansas-Memphis game.

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Travel Tips for Next Year

I am in Las BlahBlah this week for my company’s annual convention. I wanted to write myself a few reminders for next year, things I successfully remembered and things I just plum forgot.

  • Pack all your old underwear filled with holes. That way, instead of packing the underwear for your return trip, you can just throw it away. Wait. This isn’t my travel tip…
  • There is no coffee service in your room at Mandalay Bay.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio does not negotiate the mountains very hardily, at least not at Mandalay Bay. I think I recall that XM did better at it, but I did not bring any XM receivers this year. So, if you bother with the satellite radios at all, bring the XM. No Howard for you. (Though a Treo 650 equipped with PTunes and MunduRadio can do a LOT.) Better yet though to record a week of Stern to save for your travels, thereby relegating the issue of reception. Regardless, though, bring the entire fleet.
  • Do not make dinner plans the evening you get in. You will most likely feel like the suitcase in that old Samsonite commercial and will not feel very sociable. Actually, you may actually feel like beating someone up. So just go to your room, take off your pants, and sit until that ringing in your ears goes away.
  • Bring a TV Guide.
  • Bring two power strips. Yes. Two.
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