Ska Nooner: Canceled for Now

Editor’s Note: Muxtape is no longer a going concern. I have removed the link in its reference. ~ABP


It’s not that I didn’t really love the Ska Nooner. I did. It was fun. But I’ve found that using the scheduler tool just doesn’t allow me to be nimble enough in programming this thing. Pretty soon it’s noon rolling around and I haven’t done anything with the ska show, and then it’s the same old crappy songs again. A plain shuffle allows me to really mix it up.

Speaking of mixing it up: New muxtape. I’ve been scouring the eMusic to run out my end-of-month, and I stuck a few gems from that search onto the Mux. I like this one. (11/12 can be found on eMusic.)

Keep rockin’.

Where’d The Cheese Go?

I was reading the Wiki entry for Ween and came across this awesome story. You’ve probably heard it already. But it’s new to me.

Once upon a time, an advertising agency wanted a new hip jingle for a new product from Pizza Hut that tucked cheese into the outer crust of the pizza. They looked to Mr. Freeman Mr. Melchiondo of Ween to do the job. The boys came up with what is in the following YouTube video as part one.

Pizza Hut passed, or, as the Wiki put it, “It epitomized Ween-style irreverence but did not appeal to the agency, and Pizza Hut rejected several versions of the song outright.” So the boys went back to the drawing board (part two).

Compare and contrast.

I like Ween.


I listened to Flogging Molly’s Swagger on the commute today. I know this is an eight-year-old album. But it’s new to me. And I am enamored. It has been a while since a piece of music has grabbed me like this band. I think it appeals to my born-fightin’ heart or to having seen Once, which everyone should see because it is lovely. Regardless. I really really like this band.

Hat tip to Fast ‘n’ Bulbous, useful smart music reviews. True, any “best artists of the oughts” list that does not include Marnie Stern is missing the boat, but these folks generally do a pretty good job.

By the way: Check out Weird Al interviewed in today’s Washington Post Express. The interview, purportedly conducted via e-mail, is virtually unintelligible, it’s true. But he does say this:

Along with all the satires and dis tracks, the curly-haired bandleader and accomplished accordionist has also recorded at least one homage the nine-minute-long “Genius in France,” a dis track that was aimed at an entire nation, “was really a labor of love,” he writes. “I’m a big [Frank] Zappa fan, and I wanted to do it right.”

Yankovic’s songwriting method was appropriately nerdy: “I started by going through Frank’s catalog, focusing on the early ’70s listening carefully and making notes about every little lyrical or musical nuance that seemed uniquely Zappa.”

Interesting since Zappa’s native influences ’50s bubblegum r&b and Yankovic’s well, polka are so very different. But Yankovic is clearly a “does humor belong in music” kind of guy.

For you youngsters, no this is not a sendup of INXS.

It is a sendup of Bob Dylan.

The Entire Joke

You always hear the punchline, but you never hear the entire joke. Here it is.

Little Johnnie’s teacher asks him how his weekend was. “Horribly,” says Little Johnnie. “A car hit my dog in the ass.” She corrects him: “Rectum.” “Wrecked him?” Johnnie says. “Damn near killed him!”

Kind of a letdown.

Now. Where to start. First let me state that The Howard Stern Show on Monday is going to be amazing. Rush and Molloy are reporting that Lange’s entourage came under some REAL sniper fire (not that phony Hillary Clinton bullshit sniper fire) in Kandahar after the show. Everyone’s okay. But I’ll have my ears glued to the show Monday. The stories are going to be amazing.

I traversed with my Uncle Hat to Mendon New York last weekend to visit DOD to wish him a happy 60th birthday, which means I went up there to eat good food and to drink excellent wine and to spend a few days on a big fat beautiful farm and to eat eggs right out of the chicken. I have a little brother who at 12 is nearly as tall as I and whose voice is now deeper than mine. And I am confounded regarding his strangely discriminating taste in music. For him, if it’s not machine gun guitars, it sucks. He actually said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the only band in the world capable of blending reggae and hard-core in any meaningful way is called “skindred.” I laughed my fool head off. Ska-core is one of my core areas of my practice as an amateur musicologist. I lurve ska-core and I have the mosh pit scars to prove it. And, I’m sorry, but this “skindred” sucks big donkey balls. The Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Bosstones have nothing to worry about, nosirreebob. I for one always grew up with a broad base of musical appreciation, and the kid, he was jamming to the Jumpstarts at age 2. I just think there’s nothing like being able to sing along to both Iggy Pop and the Carmina Burana is all. Music is enormous. It’s bigger than the world. Feeding on nothing but Iced Earth and RATM forever is starving oneself, especially in a world in which Duke Ellington once thrived.

Which brings me to Ithaca. I finally got to see it. We went there for lunch on our way to Pennsyltucky to buy post-July 4 fireworks. It’s all right. It’s no Athens Georgia, no Chapel Hill, but it’s no Athens Ohio either. It has a surprising amount of Jesus and is weirdly in a valley. I would like to go back when I have more time to walk around that little college town. We stopped in a music store and I bought a local CD, which I think is simply the proper thing to do when one visits a college town with a music scene. Boy With A Fish may crop up on the B.O.N.K. at some point.

I just have to say, I do not understand why you people insist on overcrowding subway cars. Another one will be along in five minutes or less. And it will be a better ride that will not leave you staring into the guy’s armpit.

I am still trying to master programming at the B.O.N.K. It is a difficult balance to achieve. I enjoy creating playlists. I was at one time the master of the Ironic Segue Mix Tape (ISMiT). So I like to make the playlists and to put The Crew Cuts on right after AC/DC. But one can’t spend every waking hour programming one’s anti-profit Internet radio station. So you also want a prolific abundance of songs to place in a shuffle rotation as a default. But then there’s no mastery at work and you sound like any other of these wonderful Live365 stations. So I am working out the balance. Please bear with me, all of you, he said into mid-air at nobody and nothing in particular.

My latest musical fascination is with the Celtic Kickass band called Flogging Molly. It took me awhile. But I do like Celtic-tinged music though I steer clear of the weird tendency of the genre to wander into new-age bullshit. But pub rock is good, and I think FM is the best of them.

That is all.