Walking and Elevatoring

I think I have walked seven miles today at least. And I have not even been off the property.

That’s what Convention is. It’s walking. Lots and lots of walking in Rockports. And if you’re not walking, you’re elevatoring. One spends a quarter of his time at Mandalay Bay in an elevator. This is a scientific fact.

But it was a good day. I solved a few thorny problems for our staff. I schmoozed a little. I managed to avoid meetings, but I was busy all day. And I walked a lot.

So, it’s good. A few days to go, and I can go home, and that’s nice. I always dread coming out for this, but then I always enjoy it immensely.

Greetings From Las Blah-Blah-Blah

As I write this in my somewhat luxurious hotel room in Las Blah-Blah-Blah, Nev., it is 12:16 a.m. in Virginia. I was awake at 4:20 a.m.

Oh, who’m I kidding. Sleep deprivation is nothing new to me. Still. It really is something.

There is a difference this year. I do not feel like Jesus came to life and kicked my ass with Thor and Hulk this year. This is, of course, thanks to EarPlanes, which prevent my head from feeling like it’s been squeezed from flying. Seriously. Using these things, there’s no pressure. NONE. Without them, I’m deef for a day and I feel like shit. With them, I’m king of the world. EarPlanes are awesome.

When I got on the plane this morning, for some reason, the plane was as hot as balls. Why the fuck would you march people onto an airplane in the morning that is as hot as balls? Do you want people to throw up? Are you Jeff the Vomit Guy? Hmmmmm? One woman marched onto the plane and said, specifically, “It’s as hot as Africa on here. I think I might throw up.”

This was the only horrible part of my trip I have to report. Except the gross hot dog I ate in Salt Lake City because I was starving and had 20 minutes to eat something. By the way the airline I flew was Don’t Even Leave The Airport. (Yeah, that’s “DELTA.”) So, Delta? NO MORE HOT AS BALLS AIRPLANE CABINS. That was gross.

So I ate at Trattorio del Lupo tonight. OMG. The lasagna verde is unspeakably moronically delicious. The vino was Rosso do Montaldcino, 2006, which was just as ridiculously delicious and made the lasagna, served with a cream sauce AND a bolognese, just that more delicious. Unfortunately, I could not stay for dessert. I pussed out. Of course I did. One bad thing about this joint is that they serve their yummy Italian cuisine at the literal pace of an Italian meal. So you’re sitting on your ass for a few hours. Dessert? You kidding? I gots to go.

I am always utterly miserable about coming to convention. And then I come, and it’s okay, and it might even be great. I even got back in time to listen to This American Life on the radio (I am having trouble with I-net radio here even though I have broadband and a laptop). So maybe this might just be a welcome diversion. And then I’ll get back and forget about any decisions I reach here or anything I promise to do.

An annual tradition.

Bound for Las Blah Blah

I do not know what possesses an airline to introduce its passengers first thing in the morning to an aircraft that is as hot as balls. One lady boarded and said, and I quote, “It is as hot as Africa in here. I think I am going to throw up.” Why in Nevada would you board a plane knowing one could fry an egg within?

Aside from that,I am in good shape. I am armed to the teeth in electronics and EarPlanes. Not to mention there’s TV…Food Network…Nigella Bites, I think. I am to be routed via Salt Lake City of all places.

Goodness. I am not usually a mmorning person, but when I need to travel, I can be spry enough. Was up at 4:20 a.m. today.

We Have a Hovercraft

Okay. The WordPress app for iphone is pretty friggin’ cool. My blogging here may become somewhat more mobile. I can blog anywheres baby!

Does Farve want to play for the Vikings or against the Packers?

How about them Dodgers?

Twitter, the IPod Touch and my Treo

For a long, long time, I was one of those who often claimed proudly that I didn’t Twitter and that I just plain didn’t get it. Then, I was looking for ways to get more out of my Treo.

I’ve been back and forth for a long time about the idea of buying an IPod Touch. I just am feeling like I’m not getting enough out of my Treo700WX. Yes, I have trained it to pick up Sirius satellite radio and other radio stations, including, with the Live365 widget, my own Radio B.O.N.K. and other fine Live365 stations. But when you look at all the crap the ITouch can do, you think, crap. Crap, crap, crap. And you go to the Apple store. And you covet. But for me, I just cannot convince myself to take this plunge.

For one, my experience with iPods has not been great. I had an iPod mini that seemed to have a planned obsolescence; the wheel busted after a year or so. My Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra is nearly a decade old and still going strong. Pathetic. Besides, the proprietary nature of these Apple products annoy me. AAC my ass. I can’t post an AAC file to my radio station!

So, I found Twitter, and I will say, it does add some utility to one’s mobile. Because it’s so small, it’s easy to run in a simple mobile browser, and it generally works very well there, whether you’re reading other folks or tweeting on your own. I know you can use SMS too, but I have not been able to make it work for me as of yet. And besides, heavy use of SMS tends to bog down my storage.

So today I took delivery of a 4GB SD card for the Treo. It took me a while to figure out why the one from my camera wouldn’t work: This model is a bit obsolete and so only takes an SD card, not an SDHC card. So I’ve double the storage card memory and should now find it easier to run a buncha apps. I hope I can stave myself off from buying something that I feel is a little frivolous. Still, right tool for the job.

Oh, that reminds me: Follow me damnit!