The Right Tool For The Job

I am having a normal weekend today, which is good. Had Dad here the previous weekend and then visited that family unit at the farm for the Memorial Day. Planted tomato plants. Made the famous macaroni and cheese dish. Twice. It was a hit. Anyway. Dad and I discussed briefly what sort of wisdom can come from hard menial work like planting tomatoes and like pruning trees and like building shelves. It’s the simple things. Measure twice, cut once. The right tool for the job. Wax on, wax off. I know that for me, such seemingly pointless labor has offered skills that have carried over into my day job. It has helped me be more of a stickler, something which a few years ago the boss mentioned I needed to work on during our annual evaluation. One gets the best stuff from the most unexpected of places. Learning tenacity and attention to detail can come from squatting and digging unwanted plant life from a bunch of dirt. Ain’t that somethin’.

Have been listening to PJ Harvey today. Polly Jean, how did I not listen to you before?

That is all.

Parts and Labor

Have just added a track by a band I’ve just come across called “Parts and Labor.” Why in Harpo’s hair hasn’t anyone told me about this band before? Shame on ya!

The Radio B.O.N.K. eMusic review:

If you have any goddamn sense in your head, you will download this. It is crazy and noisy and lunatic and gorgeous and fresh and very drummy. Most important, though, it doesn’t sacrifice melody for the sake of noise. C’mon. You know you wanna.

The album I’m referencing is “Mapmaker.” Damn. Wait. Here.

Here they are at eMusic. Damnit Jim.

Fornicating Monsters and the NBA Playoffs

At this moment, Radio B.O.N.K. is showcasing a playlist instead of the shuffle. The playlist is called “Fornicating Monsters.” I was always good at the segue. I’m telling you, kids, nobody could make a mix tape like Brady B. Bonk. It’s a shame it’s a lost art these days. But I can entertain myself this way now with my very own Internet radio station. I am not certain that the Doors’ “Alabama Song” works as well as it should. But there are some segues in there that are just, well, brilliant.

So when I was in Vegas, the place was abuzz about Pacquiao-Hatton. I even bought a hat and bought one for Papa Bonk. Wasn’t much of a fight I guess. I didn’t even catch it though it was on the HBO. That dude’s like Mickey the Piker I guess. Wham.

Denver-Dallas tonight. I for one don’t give a rat’s ass about this game. I just want a Cleveland-L.A. final. You kiddin’? I wanna see LeBron TAKE IT to that named-for-a-cut-of-meat fellow from Hollywood.

I mowed the lawn today and so now what?