Good Morning Freedom

I hate to admit it, but: The contractors who woke me up this morning to install equipment that yesterday they told me they would not be able to install until the spring that should have been installed before I moved in a week ago did not see the nicest side of me.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that my new apartment will have new windows and a new heating unit. What I cannot begin to fathom is that this work could not have been done before I moved in and began to feel settled.

Overall though I am enjoying my new space. I am adjusting to the new kitchen, which remarkably boasts less counter space and storage space than the previous arrangement. However, I happen to have scored a large walk-in closet and a larger though oddly narrow bathroom.

There will be one other unceremonious interruption of my day next week to replace the windows. Then, I hope, at long last I will be able to have a place to call home, unlike last year where I found out halfway into my lease that I’d be asked to leave shortly. It is difficult to develop creature comforts in a place you know you’ll be giving up shortly.

Hope this one lasts a while.

In other news that I find rather sad…

When I came to Rochester, I had no real prospects, didn’t know anyone, and I am not honestly good at or fond of job hunting. But I found Rochester Works, which at least gave me a place to go to get out of the house regularly. I attended workshops and eventually did a pre-interview there with my current employer. If it weren’t for Rochester Works, my job hunt would have been more difficult and I may never have found Sutherland.

As a result of the government shutdown, the N. Goodman Street office of Rochester Works will close and it will furlough 3/4 of its employees. I am utterly sad to see this development, and I fear that this closing may not be temporary. Rochester Works is a great resource in this city. This is a shame.

Thanks to a re-re-re-rewatching of a television program called “Breaking Bad,” I am now aware of an erstwhile rock and roll combo known as “Blue Mink.” Their song “Good Morning Freedom” is used in the episode called “Four Days Out.” Am not surprised to learn that it was written by Albert Hammond. I have downloaded their greatest hits collection at eMusic and am enjoying it.

‘Good Morning Freedom’ by Blue Mink

New AP Style Rule

Luke Russert should be referred to as “Tim Russert’s son” on first reference.