Window 2.0

This time I heard the folded up notice as it was slipped under my apartment door as I was trying to catch one more little nap before it was time to make ready for the job. I managed to roll over and catch a bit more sleep before rolling out of futon for shower.

I reviewed the note. Building management will have contractors in my apartment tomorrow to “complete work on a window in your bathroom.”

I hated to have to tell them that there is not a window in my bathroom.

But I did anyway. I gave the office a ring and told the guy the contractors could spare themselves the trip because, I promise. There is no window in my bathroom to work on.

He had to put me on hold to check. Then he came back.

“No, no,” he said. “They’re going to INSTALL a window in your bathroom. There’s apparently a frame for it, and they’re going to put one in.”

So, there’s that. At some point tomorrow, there will be guys in my apartment taking a sledge to the wall.

Through Being Cool

Noting the passing of Devo founder and fellow Rough Rider Bob Casale.

If you’d like to stand in regard of Casale’s musicianship, I’d pick this out as a good example. The original “Girl U Want” holds at a spastic tempo, but they slowed it for this application, to a tempo I think would take a great discipline for a rhythm guitarist to maintain.

From my friend Alan Canfora: “On May 4, 1970, Bob Casale was a 16-year old high school kid at Kent Roosevelt High School while his older brother Jerry was an anti-war protester at the nearby Kent State University campus. During the Kent massacre, Jerry Casale dodged bullets and survived but his friends Jeff Miller and Allison Krause were killed. On that day, Jerry stopped being a hippie and the concept of de-evolution was born, Jerry Casale says. The lives of Gerald Casale, Bob Casale and so many others changed on that day.”

Jerry Casale spoke at length as to how the shootings at Kent State was a catalyst for Devo.

My Dad and I haz a stupid joke. One of us says “Are we not men?” And the other of course replies, “We are Devo.” Probably we were in Tower Records once and saw the album cover.

I didn’t actually consider the album until years later, but man, it is fantastic, as is just about anything Devo you can get your hands on. I lurve this band, and it’s a shame Bob2 went now because they were just gearing up to be Devo again.

In Other News: Timing is Everything

Wisdom from the Bible

Apparently, while the Bible was being written, it became a grave concern that one day, two men would be fist-fighting, and that a woman would come along and try to end the fight by poking one of the men in the nuts.

That woman, the Bible proscribes, should have her hand chopped off.

So, ladies. If you ever come upon a fist-fight, you know what not to do. Deuteronomy 25:11-12 says goosing either one of them is a no-no. Unless you’re intent on one day being known as “Lefty.”

Regarding ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

I suppose Inside Llewyn Davis is a good film, as I just screened it last night at the world-famous Little Theater and can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not sure that means that I liked it.

I mean, as far as I can tell, it was meant that the protagonist was the cat. I mean there were times I found myself rooting for the main character of the film and every time I did I was nothing but disappointed in him. Every chance this moody asshat has to redeem himself he veers in the opposite direction; in one instance quite literally. AKRON IS NO WORSE THAN NYC THAT TIME OF YEAR, PAL!

Perhaps what I expect on the screen these days is too simple, but I’m always looking for the character who is my vehicle. This person should at the very least be redeemable, someone I believe might win and want to see that unfold. At the end of this movie, Llewyn Davis gets kicked in the stomach, and you’re really kind of like yeah, that happened. Shrug.

I guess what’s supposed to redeem the character is his music. And yes, the soundtrack is impressive. But was the film’s point to recreate “Amadeus” with a strict focus on Salieri (Davis to a bit more meteoric figure named Bob Dylan)? Thus, was the casting of F. Murray Abraham coincidental, or was it supposed to elicit a bit of sense memory?

And should a film like this make me yearn to be sitting through “I’m Not There” instead?

It was nice to see Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky do something different from their respectively moody and yelly characters in the HBO series “Girls,” especially Driver, who makes a comical though brief turn as apparently equally frustrated country artist Al Cody. However, I’m not certain that I learned any more about that scene than I did from “A Mighty Wind.”

And all I could do throughout was worry about that darned cat.

It’s worth a watch I reckon, especially on a belly full of ribs, macaroni and cheese, and beans and cornbread. Pops, we gotta go to Sticky Lips more often.

The Width of a Circle

The total surface area of the United States is 3.794 million square miles. This number includes all land and territorial waters.

The total surface area of the Earth is 196.9 million square miles.

3.794 / 196.9 = .01926866429.

*100 approximately equals 1.9.

The United States comprises 1.9 percent of the Earth’s total surface area.


In Other News
“There are known knowns, the things we know we know. There are known unknowns, the things we know we don’t know. There are also that third category of unknown unknowns, the things we don’t know we don’t know. And you can only know more about those things by imagining what they might be.”

Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now

Debt Ceiling

The House of Representatives at long last conducts simple, necessary, responsible, and usual government, sans drama.

“Conservative” groups in Washington promptly start eating their own hair.

From La Washington Post:

Conservative advocacy groups opposed the clean bill, and the Senate Conservatives Fund, a group affiliated with the tea party movement, blasted the speaker in an e-mail, saying, “Boehner must be replaced.”

Although no such coup is on the horizon, Boehner’s last plan crumbled Monday during an informal survey of members on the House floor. Conservatives told the leaders that Boehner would not receive their support, with members of the Republican Study Committee and tea party supporters firmly opposed.

Here’s to hoping that President Obama has just experienced a “teaching moment.” Negotiating with ruthless hostage takers only leads to more hostages. But man, viewpoints that seek to torpedo Boehner for recognizing that there’s just no longer any fight among his Republicans for pursuing the bat-crap insane strategy of insisting on a tit-for-tat regarding the debt ceiling?

That should tell ya something.