400 PPM

I am currently watching Amy Goodman’s coverage of Paris today. Dreadful shameful. Paris is a city where people protest. It just happens there, just like any day; it is one of the large things to respect about the French. But no, now cops are crackin’ skulls there as well.

Somewhere, some fundie terrorist is laughing his fool head off and is happy as a pig in church. That kind of lock-down is exactly what these a-holes wanted to happen to Paris, and they succeeded, and that is kid of disgusting.

But I didn’t come here to tell ya that.

I just basically came here to mention that Zappadan is comin’.

And also

If you watch anything on the Internets today, make it this. K?

In Other News

Post-Thanksgiving 2015

Good Thanksgiving dressing is about texture and seasoning. That’s it. I nailed the former but nearly decimated our dressing this year based on the latter. Do not grab the brining mix they used for the turkey and decide that hey, it has sage and rosemary, heck, let’s use it in the stuffing. Do not. I’m glad I had another bag of bread to throw in. Had I not, we would have been melting palates from the saltiness.

But it turned out, and I’m glad. That’s my favorite part. Besides the glow-wine, of course. And that turned out perfect.

Sadly, I had to go to work training the next day. Ya know, I think I’ve been in training two months this year? And I’m not done. Oh, well. Am glad to haz a job and really amazed how it happened. I cannot begin to tell you how much of my new assignment was a matter of right place/right time. Unbelievable.

But I was glad to have the Thursday off for the best holiday of the year besides Zappadan. Got to see a couple of uncles I don’t get to see often. Ate a yummy brined bird. Drank some of the glow-wine. It was lovely as usual.

So that’s weird. Also, new and improved 8WK Radio is now on the air. No longer broadcasting in paltry 56 kbps, now 8WK Radio puts out some sound at 128 kbps. It does mean fewer songs in the vault, unfortunately. But it sure does sound better.

Also, trying out a standing office at home. So far I like it.

Also, I’m making burritos.