She’s Hot and Spicy

The most useful thing I did today was to run to Niblack Foods on my lunch hour to pick up three (3) bottles of Crystal. Having just made a mean batch of red beans and rice but sadly my bargain brand of Louisiana sauce had gone to the bad, this was a necessary trip.

Crystal is the finest hot sauce ever made. This is an incontrovertible fact. Why? Because Crystal achieves heat, yes, but it manages to do so without making the mistake most such sauces do: Sacrificing flavor for heat. Stuff is delicious. And yeah. Three bottles.

One is tucked away in my file drawer at work, you see.

Pro-tip: A little Crystal sure does dress up a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

(“Hot Sauce” by Thomas Dolby, Aliens Ate My Buick)

So, I had a whole entire eight-hour at work and told you the best thing I did today was buy hot sauce. How you doin’?

That First Song from ‘This Is Us?’ Here it is.

“Death With Dignity” by Sufjan Stevens

I Like Limes, Too. But Geez.

(“Hilarious Boxer Reacts to a Lime on the Beach,” via YouTube)

Boring Tech Note: Upgraded to Virtual Private Server

Adventures Into the Well-Known and other associated Web sites have now been upgraded to a virtual private server. This is a step up from shared hosting and should mean we’re zippier than before. Seems after nearly a dozen years of hosting with Dreamhost, I was at last pushing their resources to capacity. I was getting an internal network error every fourth time I tried to post or navigate within the console. Now much better. Go ahead. Click around. Enjoy the zippy zippy zippy.

Ladies and Gentlemen…The Revolution!

Wendy tried to create a moment.

The band finished off with a jam they had weaved into “Controversy,” and then all but she and Lisa left the stage, and Wendy tried to address the people of Cleveland, Ohio.

Essentially, she started talking about when Prince died and how she’d heard and how her bandmates were the first people she wanted to speak to, and how they didn’t want to go to Minneapolis immediately, and how they just were left with this empty sense of not knowing exactly what to do, and how they started playing, and how it felt good to play, and, etc…

I wonder if the people in the audience usually whoop and holler during this bit as they did in Cleveland last night. I mean that’s why I can only give the gist of it. WHOOP and WE LOVE YOU WENDY. That’s why.

Aside from that: I can’t begin to tell you how overwhelming it was to see the same folks who toiled with the man to make this music in front of you making that music. When they finally came to “Purple Rain” — which has not, necessarily, always been my favorite Prince song — Wendy beseeched us to sing with them.

I just shook my head and said “I can’t.”

I must thank my buddy Carl for having the brilliant idea to invite me to Cleveland to enjoy the show and for letting me flop on his sofa. I can’t tell you what a stellar show this was and how glad I am to have been there.

    The Setlist
  • Computer Blue
  • America
  • Mountains
  • Automatic
  • Take Me With You
  • Uptown
  • DMSR
  • Roadhouse Garden
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Erotic City
  • Let’s Work
  • 1999
  • Paisley Park
  • Controversy (Jam)
  • Sometimes it Snows in April
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Delirious (includes piano jam from extended Let’s Go Crazy)
  • Kiss
  • When Doves Cry
  • Purple Rain
  • I Would Die 4U/Baby I’m a Star (encore)