This is day six of an actual vacation. I recommend them. But I Must be feeling the pull back because work dream this morning. It was not a nice audit.

There was a nice, brief walk by the lake at about 7:30 a.m., mainly to get the cricks out of my back. Maybe back to sleeping on the sofa tonight.

My biggest plan today is a haircut. I’ve gone to SportClips for years, and the last one did not really take. It still feels thick on the sides. I need a good cut for a summer. So today I will try the local guy. And maybe some lunch. I can’t decide between Mexican or regular bar fare. I’ll decide then and there and that will be wonderful.

I haven’t really done the antique row yet. Not that I need to buy anything, although, due to my latest interest in cast iron pizza, the right 14-inch piece might just come home with me.

I did get to visit the new market previously and will return today. I’m thinking burgers.

I’ve been watering grass all week, three times a day. There was some damage to the land on either side of the driveway. When I arrived, I saw the straw and reckoned I was here just in time to help the new grass along. Won’t need to do it today as it rained last night and looks like it’s fixing to pour some more. But I’ve enjoyed doing it.

I’ve reviewed receipts from five months. I’ve cleaned my car’s interior. I’ve cooked two pizzas from scratch store-bought, had a nice steak meal and watched a pretty funny movie (Game Night). I have started this spreadsheet to keep track of some of the most important music in the world:

So yes. I recommend vacations. I’m all for them.

I was nominated a third time to do the album list thing on Facebook. Ahem:

I was nominated…to list my 10 all-time favorite albums, ones that have really made an impact and are still on my rotation list, even if only now and then. In accordance with directions, I’ll do my best to post an album cover each day for 10 days. No Particular order, No explanations, just the cover.