Adventures Radio

I have for some years now been somewhat of an amateur broadcaster, sort of. Very amateur.

I like to put songs up on the Internet with the possibility that someone might listen to the songs I have chosen. I think it’s fun, for some reason. I guess I figure, what the heck. Everyone needs a hobby.

I began this hobby at Live365 but became dissatisfied with many of its limitations, so I found a little upstart platform called Loudcaster and was remarkably happy with them until recently, when they “updated” their platform and utterly ruined it in my opinion. They yanked away FTP access, a feature which made this outfit awesome, and they removed some other really cool stuff as well. Last week, I pulled the plug on Proper Modulation, and it should cease broadcast here pretty soon.

However, I have since discovered that my Live365 account is paid through August. So, what the heck. Let’s go back to playing with that.

So. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you: Adventures Radio, the official Internet radio station of the Adventure Into the Well-Known blog. I’m still toying with programming and for right now am just working on a project to develop a single massive playlist based solely on the Live365 Music Library (a great feature of this platform over that). We shall see if this thing becomes useful enough to extend past August.

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