Louis Cuneo

If you have ever listened to “Lumpy Gravy,” you will know who Louis Cuneo is when I say this about him: He is known for laughing like a turkey.

Here you can hear Mr. Cuneo here discuss his tribulations with ponies with Roy Estrada. These weird bits of dialog are a backbone to the Lumpy Gravy album and other subsequent works. Others in the chorus include Spider Barbour, All-Night John, and a woman named “Gilly,” who is advocating dark clothes.

But it is Cuneo who is most visible on the album, due to his trademark howl.

These days, Cuneo makes his name as a poet.

I hear he’s having trouble with pigs and ponies.

Louis Cuneo, thank you. You are a tremendous part of my life because you are on that album. And I am grateful for you. And the rest of you piano people, too.

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