Don’t Screw With Marc Cohn

I’ve been asking for quite some time now what the hell Huey Lewis had against double-reeded woodwinds.

It turns out that I am the victim of a misheard lyric.

For years, I thought he was saying, “now the oboe may be barely breathing,” and I wondered what his first lyrics looked like: “Now, the bassoon is just a motherfucker…and don’t get me started on the didgeridoo…”

It turns out that it’s not “oboe,” it’s “ol’ boy,” though I think the third interpretation listed at is even better: “Now the elbow may be bad at breathing…” Either way, not a great song to have tootling away in the old psychic jukebox.

Speaking of horrible music, did anyone see that Marc Cohn got shot in the head, and the bullet didn’t even touch his skull? Jesus, carjacker guy, I hated Walking in Memphis as much as the next guy, but I think spraying his van with bullets is a tad much. Watch out, Michael Bolton. Seriously, though, Marc, you’re a Michael McDonald wannabe who wrote and performed one of the worst songs ever, but many happy returns anyways, big guy.

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