In 1966, film director Sergio Corbucci directed an Italian western film that starred Franco Nero in the lead.

Nero was a prolific actor. He played Sir Lancelot in Joshua Logan’s Camelot in 1967, Horacio in Luis Buñuel’s Tristanain in 1970, and was in a slew of films, including 1990’s Die Hard 2 in 1990. He has played the late Gianni Versace. He lent his voice to Cars 2.

But he will always be recognized first and foremost for his original, and somewhat groundbreaking, original role. As the original Django. And as star of the most violent film ever at the time.

Django is a drifter who drags around a closed coffin. And it just gets better from there. Let’s put it this way: Reservoir Dogs was not the first to feature a severed ear.

Tarantino, clearly, drew inspiration from the film, which I think the trailer here smacks a little of Italian Spiderman (though that might just be the dubbing). In fact, the director flat out lifted the film’s eponymous theme music.

The point of all of this, of course, is that Franco Nero, the original Django, has a cameo in the current blockbuster, Django Unchained.

Which means I must go see it again.

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