We Have To Do Something

It was a Friday.

I rolled out of bed by my usual time of, you know, 1 p.m. I needed breakfast. I got my shit together and was headed out the door to one of my favorite new neighborhood joints, the Marshall Street Bar & Grill. Actually, I think it may have been the first time I had ever gone there. In fact, I think I was actually thinking of visiting the Acme Bar & Pizza, but then in driving to there, I noticed the Marshall Street Bar & Grill and then drove down Marshall Street and in the process of turning around, I noticed the Abundance Cooperative Market. Then I went into the Marshall Street Bar & Grill and I drank a beer and ate a hamburger with waffle fries.

On the giant television screen behind me was coverage going on of the murders in Newtown, Conn.

Eventually, the bartender changed the channel because she couldn’t watch any longer. I told her I got that. There was some football on I think maybe, and on another TV was some hideous movie from the ’80s.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that that day was stained, and that I will always remember it, and that I personally have experienced enough such stained days to suit me.

I think in light of that stained day, it takes a lot of nerve to piss and moan about one’s own gun rights and one’s vague notion that those rights are about to get trampled somehow. I think it’s somewhat inhuman. I think it’s downright shitty. Five and six year olds. Five and six year olds. Five and six year olds, for humanity’s sake.

We have to do something.

There is nothing in the New York law recently passed that is ridiculous or obscene. There is nothing that President Obama outlined today that smacks of an outlandish power grab. They are nothing more than a nation’s necessary motions toward ratcheting up a bizarre, terrifying culture of violence that has finally stooped so low as to make five and six year olds face death at the hands of a projectile that can travel 1,000 to 4,000 feet per second.

Whine all you like about your rights being trampled. Make up and believe weirdo conspiracy theories. Lock yourself up with your guns for all I care. But this nation is on a tear on this issue today. Good gravity for them.

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