This is exactly how I eat a good New York strip steak.

  • Finally found the Goldilocks zone on the new coffee maker.
  • The Zappa catalog is back on eMusic, people. And to think I was just about to cancel.
  • Chapter 22 in my new book, “Today’s Republican Party Would Run Goldwater Out On A Rail And Would Make Ronald Reagan Sit In The Corner Wearing A Funny Hat
  • South Avenue in Rochester is like the Bermuda Triangle. I went out looking for Sully’s and ended up finding John’s Tex Mex. A happy accident, although my appetite was truly set on some good pizza (rated A- by the Pizza Guy). John’s is great though; you could just order the refried beans and rice and be perfectly content.
  • So I notice the media only pays attention to the white, attractive fictitious girlfriends of college athletes. Such bias must not go unchallenged. #Manti
  • Attention, homosexuals: Rick Santorum spends a lot more time thinking about what you’re doing with your tingly parts than you do, I suspect. I also suspect that him thinking about it more than you do is a difficult thing to achieve indeed. Whatever. It’s downright creepy.

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