Hello, It’s Johnny Cash’s Birthday

Many a fan steals a favorite image of him for blog-posty uses, Johnny Cash flipping the bird with a twisted up face. Like a lot of his fans, I adore that image. Defiant. Outlaw. Pissed off.

There’s a heck of a story about that image, and it’s told well here. You should go read it and come back.

I thought I’d steal a different image of him though today. Here’s Johnny holding a kitteh.

Johnny Cash holding a kitteh.

Had J.R. Cash lived to today, he’d have been 81.

A friend who could play just about any Cash song you could name (on the guitar, not the radio) made me appreciate the music. Before that, I was rather close-minded about it. I’m so glad for that. Because friend, if you’ve never sat down and listened to the entire Folsom album, you’re denying yourself one of life’s better pleasures.

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