Tikkun Olam

I can’t help but wonder how many people are aware of just what a historic event occurred this week when President Barack Obama spoke in Jerusalem. It was a groundbreaking speech that I believe will be seen as one of the finest moments of this Presidency and in American history. The speech was resolutely supportive of Israel and yet was effective in analytically and objectively finding criticism for every party involved in the struggle. I for one was most impressed with a man who had just been in meetings for days with Israel’s PM and President and would still address an audience and indicate that settlements are disruptive to peace.

The thing is, people who generally get their news from Fox “News” did not see the event live, as they did on CNN and MSNBC. Rachel Maddow does a bit of media survey for us, you know, once she gets around to it.

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What Maddow catalogs here is a shameful disservice on the part of Fox “News” and is a certain indicator among thousands that this is a media outlet that does not give a rat’s ass about serving its audience.

In other news:

The fellow sitting next to me at the bar told me that he wanted to have a date with his girlfriend watching “Cops” tonight, but his girlfriend said if he’s drunk, he should not bother coming over. He told me this four times. I’m betting he’s not going to get to go see “Cops” with his girlfriend tonight.


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