I am a blogger who dabbles in Internet radio. I have previously operated two or three stations on third party services such as Live365 and the now-defunct Loudcaster. Loudcaster was a scrappy little upstart and at one time was tremendous for ease of use and flexibility. Then it changed platforms and became, well, less so. Then it folded. So, I just stopped.

But I missed it. I know it’s a mere vanity project. But it’s fun to hang songs onto the cloud and to have a radio interface that allows you and a few of your friends to listen to your playlist. But I was lacking a decent name or context. Previously, I had framed the station as a half Howard Stern tribute called Proper Modulation. But I very much wanted the station to be a reflection of this particular Web space.

Then, one day, I was playing a bit of a word game with this blog’s name. I’d been trying to abbreviate it because, as you can see, the domain for this blog is kind of ridiculous.

I started with AITWK as a direct abbreviation for Adventures Into The Well-Known.

Then I saw it. It was beautiful.

AIT = 8. Then, WK. 8WK!

Sadly, 8wk.com is taken. Such things can never be so simple. So, it was either accept 8wk.org or do something I despise doing when choosing a domain: Use special characters to create a new name.

I dunno. This seemed to work. You can get to 8WK on Live365 by visiting:


The station mostly plays timeless classic rock, leveraging the generous music library that’s offered by Live365. I mean, they always say the best way to garner listeners is to utilize a strict programming genre or format. 8WK can’t do that, however, because my own musical preference is rather eclectic.

So hooray. 8WK is on the air.

A quick plug to my domain registrar: Hover. Simplified domain interface. No ads or add-on offers. If you hate Go Daddy, here’s your alternative.

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