Joss Stone: Watch Yer Back

Usually, I lose steam at least 3/4 into the season of any talent-show themed television program. I don’t watch many of them. I enjoy the initial auditions in The Voice, but once they’re done with all the chair-turning dramatics, I’m cooked. America’s Got Talent, though, has really managed to keep me from wandering off.

This is partly because I am a long-time Fan Of The (Howard Stern) Show. But it’s also partly because of an 11-year-old talent called Anna Christine.

The first time she appeared, she sang “House of the Rising Sun.” As I would find in subsequent performances, this little girl’s choice of material tends to be just as stunning as her performance.

I remember sitting shocked, thinking how mind-blowing it was that a 10-year-old would choose such a somber, haunting song. I was so busy being blown away by the choice that I had to rewind the Tivo to make sure I saw her actually sing the thing. It was astonishing. What could possibly be next?

Well. Apparently someone gave this kid an Animals CD when she was like two.


And the thing about this kid is that she kept getting better. Her last performance, and note again the insightful choice of song:

Sadly, Anna Christine did not go any further in the competition. However, as also with Michelle Chamuel from The Voice, I’ll be keeping an eye out. I am a fan. Big-time. America’s judge said it: Superstar.

Speaking of Michelle Chamuel…

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