Me: I think if you kill someone, you should be hauled in and charged. WTF is happening to this country?

Commenter #1: someone breaks in my house should expect a lead welcome

Me: And you should expect to answer to the law afterwards.

Commenter #2: answer to the law for protecting his home?????????

Me: Yes. There was a murder. I’d like for murders in my community to be investigated, please.

This is an exchange I actually had with a couple of commenters on Facebook.

We were talking about the case of Renisha McBride, a Detroit woman who was shot to death when she knocked on the wrong door trying to get help after a traffic accident. Authorities know who fired the shot that killed her, but no arrests have been made.

What the “stand your ground” statutes have accomplished is a retreat from the notion that if a person is a suspect in a murder, the person should actually have to be inconvenienced by, say, talking to a police officer.

This country is losing its gravity-bound mind.

Now, as promised:

By my count it’s 20 days until Zappadan, and I’ll tell you what, I have a few nice things planned for this year. But man, that War on Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year, doesn’t it?

    In Other News
  • Welcome to Dinovember
  • Kookaburra Sits in the Jury Box (Metafilter) I am a rabid Men At Work fan since 1982. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS?
  • If I were any good at “Jeopardy,” which I’m not, I’m like Kevin Pollak in She’s All That, I would audition just so I could get to final Jeopardy and write down “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen. A boy can dream.
  • Instead of saying “you learn something new every day,” I like to say “you learned something new, Tina Fey!” It just makes life more interesting.

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