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It’s the small victories when you’re trying to make a teeny tiny living space work. This week, it was the plate rack.

The kitchen cabinets, they are small. I had been getting by on just stacking whatever the heck dishes I could in the one near the sink. This included dishes of the eat-now-at-home type and dishes of the store/take-food-to-work type. The problem being that often when I just wanted to plop down and eat a burrito or my normal nosh of Triscuits and sharp cheddar cheese, I had trouble locating a plate. Don’t even get me started on trying to find a clean glass.

So I ventured to Bed Bath and Whatevah yesterday and found a little rack that fits nicely in the corner of the cabinet. And, by executive fiat, I declared that the cabinet in question would only be for the eat-now-at-home type of dish.

I don’t know where the store/take-food-to-work type of dishes are going to go. They’ll just stay in that box for now.

Next, I found a dish cart, the kind restaurants use, that, with a little help from a friend, I’ll take delivery of Friday. This will solve another problem I’ve found with living in a tiny little space: Where do you put the dirty dishes?

They end up in the sink, on the stove, on the itty bitty counters, everywhere.

This makes actually washing them a bit of a challenge. Thus, the two professional-grade bus pans and the professional-grade dish cart. Hoping to install a molhagger dish drying rack on top of the cart just for added convenience. No more drying dishes over the bathtub!

It’s a glamorous life.

“The original pressing of the album sold poorly, reportedly selling only forty copies in its first year, with most being returned to the publisher unopened.”

That’s my kind of record.

Seriously. This is a friggin’ classic. Though it might cause seizures in some humans.

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