Hot Rats

Wow. I am finding it difficult to believe that I have never before listened to Zappa’s Hot Rats. It is, truly, the necessary companion piece to Burnt Weenie Sandwich, while somehow simultaneously both bridge and precursor to later works like Jazz From Hell. Hot Rats is like the missing link.

And it’s awesome. I find myself hearing some gorgeous melody in it and wondering if this grouchy, practical man actually had that voice somewhere, or if he was merely exploiting music theory, and if Willie the Pimp is meant to tip the scales on that question.

Anyway, I’m amazed that I’m a Zappa nut at my age who’s never heard this one. That’s the lovely thing about Frank. He did so much that you can always learn something new.

(By the way, did I mention that eMusic carries a whole lotta Zappa?)

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