Blizzard to the Bones in Homes

Let It Snow

I have just accidentally watched my first 3 1/2 minutes of Duck Dynasty on the television while heating up my noodles in a box in the break room. Apparently, a young man is going to take the young daughter to a dance. The family elders are torn about the idea because they don’t want the young man smooching their daughter, but they take him out huntin’ and it turns out he’s a pretty good shot, so he must be okay. Although, I would say that if you blow your prey to smithereens leaving only a tail, it doesn’t seem to me that you might be a good shot, but you’re not actually a good * hunter *, but what do I know? So anyway, the girl’s daddys continue to vacillate. I don’t really want to like the kid, they’re saying, I mean, I want to put a balloon between them when they dance, no wait, I want to put four balloons, but I do like the kid, though, I mean, he can shoot a gun and all, and


Give me a bag. A brown paper bag. There’s things I want to put inside it, man.

3 thoughts on “Blizzard to the Bones in Homes

  1. Help me Aaron B. Pryor, You’re my only Hope. All my google-fu has led me here. Who sang the song with the lyric: “Give me a bag. A brown paper bag. There’s things I want to put inside it, man.” I first heard it on our local university radio station (88.9 the Impact) way back in 1989 and haven’t heard it since….. It’s driving me nuts.
    Thanks in advance, you’re a king!

  2. Gangster Fun. You’re only likely to find the album Time Flies When You’re Gangster Fun on vinyl, sadly, if at all. I have two copies in case one breaks. It is an overall ska triumph, an excellent album. If you can get your hands on it you are ahead of the game. Thanks for aksing.

  3. P.S. I saw what you did there, Leia. Perfection. Thank you. Drat, that makes me Ben Kenobi. Dunno if I’m up to it.

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