Pope Secola

Today I cast it out as such: “It’s official: I like this Pope.”

I’m not one to won over by a Pope. I am descended of Catholics but never took the wafer myself; let me tell you, it’s weird when visiting family out of town to be the only kid in the church to keep glued to the pew while the rest of the family goes up and experiences the miracle of transubstantiation. I’m thankful to my parents for keeping me out of that stream of effluent, however. It’s made me, how you say, sceptical of ongoing theocratic movements, one of which the Pope is one of the world’s most visible leaders.

But this guy. Likening man-made climate change to a sin! That should get some peoples’ attention, eh?


Boy. That went quickly.

One minute, you’re Kimberly and Beck, local morning drive radio stars and you’re calling transgender people “nutjobs.”

By 9 p.m., you’re suspended indefinitely.

I mean, the ink wasn’t even dry on the change.org petition.

I won’t reprint the comments here, though many seem to be transcribed on the petition. Most harmful was the notion that people in this boat are “nuts.” The genius Kimberly derived this idea because Rochester’s agreement to cover this area includes counseling.

I have news for you. Extensive psychological counseling is part of the transition process. More news for you, which might not actually be news for you as you sit at home in your jammies for the rest of the week: It is no longer okay to speak of this area as if it belongs on Jerry Springer.

This is evidenced nicely by this swift suspension. Well done, 98.9 The Buzz, a radio station I’ve never heard.

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