Edinboro May-June 2014, Part One

ABC News Radio was just doing a brief story on the new exclusion of American writers from the high school curriculum. The news reader referred to “Harper Lee and his ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.'” Good idea, this excluding American authors from a kid’s reading list. #harperleeisabroadyoumoron

But this weekend is about the wedding. My cousin who was in my childhood kind of a sister, well, her daughter is getting married, so that means a drive to west Pennsylvania.

My first stop rolling into town was the world-famous Edinboro Hotel. I had put off lunch in the interest of getting to have a nosh downtown before showing up at the house. Something light. Chicken fingers. And the barkeep brought popcorn.

Edinboro is quiet and you can see the stars, and from my Gramma’s howse you can see the lake, and it’s pretty. So tomorrow there is a wedding and I have to sleep trying to be used to all this quiet.

1 thought on “Edinboro May-June 2014, Part One

  1. Edinboro is the kind of place that really does not change. A few new houses being built where other worn out summer cottages were torn down to make way for prettier more livable homes. But other than that the Borough is as dependable as your cozy old bathrobe. Always there, always the same sparkling blue water to greet you each morning. And the quiet. So quiet.

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