Good Music

I believe that I will always remain curious and somewhat vibrant because I was born with a brain that craves music.

The nice thing about music is that its discovery can be a never-ending task. There is always more, and it is always new.

I have always listened to weird music. I like weird music. I don’t listen to music with the intention of staying here. I listen to music because I want to get lost, or just because I want the room to be a different color.

Therefore, it makes sense that if there is a hub for my musical adventures, it is Frank Zappa. Anytime anyone lumps a musical artist with him, I am likely to pursue it. I mean, it never is, not really. But it usually turns out okay.

That would be how I discovered Kiyohiko Senba.

I’ve walked around with this in my head for days, and I don’t even know what to call it. But MY GOSH is it beautiful. I cannot imagine what it was like to be present in that room when it was performed.

Or there’s this lovely thing:

Yes. I think it’s safe to say that Kiyohiko Senba would make Frank Zappa smile.

Now, NPR seems to think that a new combo called “Adult Jazz” is zappaesque.

I think it’s a stretch. I think some music writer was sorely lacking a lede.

But they’re good.

I would more aptly compare them with Radiohead. Or The Residents. Or Beirut.

But no, NPR, just because a band’s music isn’t as accessible as that of Pharrell Williams, that doesn’t make it Zappa-like.

No siree.

In Other News

If you’re up for some snarky fun, head over to the Facebook page of the Oasis Cafe of Stillwater, Minn. This mom-and-pop diner has become the latest restaurant to stir up ire by doing something stupid and having it go viral.

In a nutshell, the restaurant charged a minimum wage fee of 35 cents on their bills, as, you know, a separate line item. Minnesota raised its minimum wage to $8 from the federal rate of $7.25 on Aug. 1.

There was once a restaurant my family and I went to for years, every Saturday morning, for breakfast. We were friendly with the owners; who had seen my brother grow up, who also had served us burgers and lots and lots of beer every Friday. One day, she served up the plates with a single slice of toast.

After a few weeks of this, we inquired. It was a waste control measure, she said.

We didn’t believe that story, quite. We suspected the business was failing and got the notion it was a cost-cutting measure instead. And we started going to the silver diner down the street.

The last thing in the world you want as a restaurateur is a reputation for being chintzy. Restaurant customers expect menu prices to rise. Looking like a chintzy nickel-and-dimer is a terrible business practice for a restaurant.

That place was gone in a year, by the way.

Does the fact that I’m mentioning Zappa here mean some research has been occurring regarding the holiday season? Mmmmmm…could be.

There are only 119 days until the Zappadan, after all.

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