To Juicer or Not To Juicer

My Mom e-mailed after reading the previous entry and after posting that I had inspired her to get the blender out of mothballs. She asked:

I was wondering – is a juicer machine better than a blender for making the concoctions?
I’ve known some folks who were crazy for their juicer machines. Magical powers
and all that.

Believe me, I’ve done the research. My conclusion is that blending is the better option.

Juicing proponents claim that juicing will inject micro-nutrients into your body more quickly. However, the other thing it puts into your system more quickly is sugar, and without the benefit of accompanying fiber. I can’t figure that’d be good. Besides, to really do juicing, you need a pretty high-end gadget because you don’t want a centrifugal juicer because they oxidize the food, which affects nutritive content, so you need to buy a masticating juicer, which are more expensive. And they only do one thing (though some models do claim they can make nut butter, to which I ask, who is making nut butter?). And what do you do with all the pulp? I no longer have access to a massive composting system, so out with the trash would go all that good organic material.

No, I’m down with smoothies.

Now. Here are some nice videos from Stated Clearly:

What is the Evidence for Evolution?

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?

Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

Once again, OK Go lets your inner marching band nerd run amok.

How’d they do that, you wonder? With a DRONE. That’s right.

What’d I mean by “once again?” Dis. Only my very favorite thing on the Internet, ever:

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  1. Very very cool video for “I won’t let you down”. Just finished showing it to the kids. They were impressed as was the wife. Thanks for the entertainment!

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