It’s a bit brisk out.

These are soup days.

These are days when I am driven nearly daily to saunter into my favorite joint and order a crock of their spiciest soup with a nice cold IPA. My favorite so far was the Spanish Chicken Bean; walking in from the tingling cold to a friendly space for some piping hot nourishment is just one of those things.

What else is winter for if not for being highly motivated to locate your creature comforts?

I mean I’m into winter mostly for the glorious tradeoff of longer springs and falls and more merciful summers. But having the footwear that works. Cozying into a jacket or throwing on a blanket. When the car’s interior finally warms. A hot crock of spicy soup. Winter is for pursuing these comforts.

I’ll try to keep telling myself that when it’s still gut-punching cold in April.

gummy worm trying to escape
Help! Let me out!

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