A whole lotta win on the Internet today.

For example:

Why Do Mammals Sleep: Winner of the Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses

Hill. Arious.

Or…How about a bunch of amateurs covering the Flood album?

Don’t mind if I do. (Thanks, Metafilter.)

If you listen to just one of these tracks (even though they’re all pretty noteworthy)? Make it “Dead“.

To add to your queue: The Green Girl. A documentary about the most ubiquitous actress you don’t know existed. (But you know her. Oh, yes you do.)

Or, one of the most pointed essays I’ve read on the topic. Sarah Kurchak, you are one sharp cookie.


Then there’s for the ambitious music nerd:

Get That Life: How I Joined Prince’s Band 3RDEYEGIRL (Cosmopolitan)

Or the inquisitive manufacturing nerd:

A Tale of Two Zippers (bunnie: studios)

And now, for a glimpse of what I’ll be doing for a living starting in March:

It Makes Plenty Of Sense For Some People To Subscribe To AOL (Thanks, FiveThirtyEight)

1 thought on “A whole lotta win on the Internet today.

  1. “I’m not sure what the cure is here. Anti-vaxxers are very dedicated to being wrong.”

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

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