Regarding the ‘Confederate Flag’

I want to point out a few simple points about the new debate we’re having about the “Confederate” flag since that Squeaky Fromme wannabe marched into the Emanuel AME church and ended the lives of nine of probabaly the finest Christians who ever lived.

First, that is not the Confederate flag.

That flag never represented the Confederacy. It was a battle flag. It was a flag of war, not of state.

Put a bookmark there, please.

Second, the debate that we’re having is not about whether you should be allowed to fly that battle flag on your front porch, or whether you should put it as a bumper sticker on your gas-hogging truck, or whether you should fly it at a concert by your local Lynrd Sknynrd tribute band’s performance.

The debate is about whether or not a state capital should fly it over official buildings that everyone in the state pays for.

Should a state capital in today’s United States of America be allowed to fly a war flag? A war flag that once declared war against the United States of America?

Racism aside, seems like a no-brainer to me.



1 thought on “Regarding the ‘Confederate Flag’

  1. This is a funny one even though I am from The North:

    How can you tell Northerners are stupid?

    Because when we won the war we kept the North.

    I agree about not flying a Confederate flag on the Capitol.

    However, the flag has nothing to do with that little hitshead murdrerer and what he did.

    Now play some Freebird and and enjoy your Independence Day!

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