Fast Wiki

I’ve been in a bit of a nostalgia spin lately, due partially to listening again to Colin Hay’s Man @ Work and realizing that it does not actually suck like I thought it did. I saw Hay perform at the Iota a few years back and bought his Going Somewhere, which is nothing short of masterful. So anyways, I started wondering whatever happened to the other fellows in the band, you know, Greg Ham and those other ones. So I looked up his Wiki, which was painfully short, so I decided to add a bit. I wrote:

“Greg Ham is a supernatural being who can “read and persuade dull minds, who can fly, and who can balance upon one fingertip and hum Girl From Ipanema with his buttocks. He is a vegan, but only for the irony.”

My entry wasn’t up for two minutes before it was yanked. Those Wiki guys sure are on top of it. And I betcha I’m never allowed to post again, least not from this compyooter.

Worth it.